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Name & Position Brief Research Interests
Allan, Andrea
Senior Instructor I

Phone: 541-737-3427

Large-scale atmospheric circulation and dynamics, present and future climatology, and global and regional climate modeling and statistical analysis

Barth, Jack
Executive Director of the Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) and Professor

Phone: 541-737-1607

Coastal ocean dynamics, coastal marine ecosystems, hypoxia, inner continental shelf dynamics

Baumberger, Tamara
Assistant Professor (Senior Research)

 The gas chemistry of hydrothermal vents and methane seeps with a special interest into the carbon cycle and noble gas chemistry

Becker, Laurence (Larry)
Professor / Director of Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program

Phone: 541-737-9504

Rural livelihoods, food security, and agricultural policy in the global South, with a focus on Africa

Becker, Lorene Yokoyama (Laurie)
Senior Instructor II

Phone: 541-737-6993

Sustainability and Resilience in Land Use Planning, Conservation GIS, Public Participation GIS, and Biomimicry

Bernard, Kim
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-9337

Polar zooplankton ecology

Bloomer, Sherman
AVP Budget & Resource Planning

Phone: 541-737-3877
Boiteau, Rene
Assistant Profesor

Phone: 541-737-7750

Organic biogeochemistry, mass, spectrometry, trace metal cycling

Brook, Ed
Distinguished Professor of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Phone: 541-737-8197

Paleoclimatology, geochemistry, ice core trace gas records, cosmogenic isotopes, extraterrestrial dust

Buizert, Christo
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-1572

Paleoclimate, ice cores, abrupt climate change, firn processes

Campana, Michael

Phone: 541-602-4085

Water resources management; water resources in developing regions

Ciannelli, Lorenzo

Phone: 541-737-3142

Fisheries oceanography, spatial ecology, fish early life stages, statistical analysis of catch and survey data

Clark, Peter
Distinguished Professor of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Phone: 541-737-1247

Dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets, sea level change, paleoclimatology, abrupt climate change

Colwell, Frederick (Rick)

Phone: 541-737-5220

Microbial ecology, subsurface microbiology, geomicrobiology

Conway, Flaxen
MRM Director; Professor

Phone: 541-737-1339

Natural resource policy and management

Cowen, Robert (Bob)
Director, Hatfield Marine Science Center

Phone: 541-867-0211
Creveling, Jessica (JC)
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-2112

Geology, Earth history, sedimentology, stratigraphy, sea-level change

Crump, Byron
Professor and Program Head for Ocean Science

Phone: 541-737-4369

Aquatic microbial ecology in marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems

de Silva, Lynette
Water Conflict Mgt. Director; Senior Instructor I

Phone: 541-737-7013

Water conflict management, integrated watershed management

de Silva, Shanaka

Phone: 541-737-1212

Volcanology, Igneous Petrology, Aeolian geomorphology,

de Szoeke, Simon

Phone: 541-737-8391

Atmosphere-ocean interaction, stratiform clouds, tropical meteorology

Dever, Edward

Phone: 541-737-2749

Cross-shelf exchange processes, analysis and prediction of Lagrangian transport, air-sea interaction

Dilles, John

Phone: 541-737-1245

Geology and geochemistry of mineral deposits, field geology

Durland, Theodore (Ted)
Assistant Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-737-5058

Geophysical fluid dynamics, oceanic equatorial waves, coastal Kelvin waves

Emard, Kelsey

Land use and livelihood change, resource access, Latin America.

Fehrenbacher, Jennifer
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-6285

Trace element and stable isotope geochemistry, biomineralization, and marine biology

Fewings, Melanie
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-2270

Observational coastal physical oceanography and meteorology

Fleishman, Erica
Director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute and Professor

Phone: 541-737-5694

Biogeography, conservation, ecological responses to climate and land-use change

Fram, Jonathan
Associate Professor (Senior Research), OOI Endurance Array Project Manager

Phone: 541-737-0019
Goldfinger, Chris

Phone: 541-737-2066

Marine geology, geophysics, paleoseismology, subduction earthquakes, accretion and erosion of active margins

Goñi, Miguel

Phone: 541-737-0578

Cycling of natural organic matter in the earth's surface, mainly in aquatic environments

Goslin, Matthew

Phone: 541-750-7356
Gosnell, Hannah

Phone: 541-737-1222

Drivers and consequences of rural land use change; water resource policy, management and law; environmental governance; transformations to sustainability

Haggerty, Roy
Dean of the College of Science and Professor

Phone: 541-737-3886

Ground water-surface water interactions, flow and transport in surface and ground water, nutrient transport, modeling, hyporheic exchange, heat transport in streams

Hales, Burke

Phone: 541-737-8121

Coastal ocean carbon cycles, ocean acidification, measurement and experimental manipulation technology

Haley, Brian
Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-737-2649

Plasma spectrometry

Haller, Merrick

Phone: 541-737-9141

Nearshore remote sensing, surface wave transformation, rip currents, sediment transport

Harte, Michael
Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 541-737-0452

Marine geography, natural resource management and planning

Hommel, Demian
Senior Instructor II

Phone: 541-737-5070

Human dimensions of global change; environmental security and resource conflicts; political ecology; risk; people-reef interactions; climate justice; pedagogy and technology

Hutchings, Jennifer (Jenny)
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-4453

Sea ice dynamics and mechanics

Jones, Julia
Distinguished Professor and Program Head for Geography

Phone: 541-737-1224

Land use, climate change and disturbance effects on hydrology, geomorphology, water quality, spatio-temporal statistics

Juranek, Lauren (Laurie)
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-2368

Dissolved gases, isotope biogeochemistry, marine biological pump, and marine carbon cycle

Kavanaugh, Maria
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-8009

Seascape ecology, remote sensing, global change

Keller, Randall (Randy)

Phone: 541-737-7648

Marine geology, igneous geochemistry

Kennedy, Robert
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-6332

Satellite remote sensing using time series imagery, pattern and processes of landscape change, "Landtrendr"

Kent, Adam
Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Faculty Advancement

Phone: 541-737-1205

High temperature geochemistry, igneous petrology, In-situ elemental and isotopic analysis

Kirby, Eric
Professor (currently on leave)
Koppers, Anthony
Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Phone: 541-737-5425

Isotope geochemistry of hotspot volcanism, plate tectonic theory, mantle geodynamics

Mike Kosro Kosro, P. Michael (Mike)

Phone: 541-737-3079

Coastal oceanography, shelf/deep-sea exchange processes, remote sensing, ocean acoustics, ocean circulation

Lancaster, Stephen
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-9258

Fluvial geomorphology, hydrology

Lerczak, Jim

Phone: 541-737-6128

Coastal physical oceanography

Letelier, Ricardo

Phone: 541-737-3890

Marine pelagic microorganisms, biogeochemical cycles, nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis, chlorophyll passive (solar-induced) fluorescence

Lyle, Mitchell
Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-737-3427

Miocene equatorial Pacific paleoproductivity, ocean carbon cycling, geochemical tracers, seismic stratigraphy and pelagic sedimentation

Marinelli, Roberta
Dean and Professor (currently on leave)

Phone: 541-737-5195

Ecology and biogeochemistry of the seafloor

Matano, Ricardo

Phone: 541-737-2212

Large-scale ocean circulation, the dynamics of western boundary currents, ocean modeling, geophysical fluid dynamics. the circulation in the Southern Ocean

Matsumoto, Haruyoshi
Associate Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-867-0272
McKay, Jennifer
Assistant Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-737-1203

Stable isotopes & trace metals in paleoceanography *Not advising students

Meigs, Andrew

Phone: 541-737-1214

Active tectonics, tectonic geomorphology, structural geology

Mellinger, David
Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-867-0372
Milstein, Randall
Instructor and Astronomer-in-Residence for the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium

Phone: 541-737-2414

Comparative planetology, astrogeology, impact cratering dynamics, planet modifying catastrophes and extinction events, the intersections of science and the arts

Mix, Alan
Distinguished Professor of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Phone: 541-737-5212

Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology, micropaleontology, isotope geochemistry

Mote, Philip
ViceProvost-Dean Grad SchoolProfessor, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

Phone: 541-737-1458

Regional climate modeling, the influence of climate change on western US snowpack

Nabelek, John

Phone: 541-737-2757

Seismology, faulting processes, tectonics of mid-ocean ridges

Nash, Jonathan

Phone: 541-737-4573

Physics of turbulence and ocean mixing

Nelson, Peder
Instructor / Senior Faculty Research Assistant II

Remote sensing, GIS, automated visualization and analysis tools

O'Neill, Larry
Associate Professor and Director of Oregon Climate Services

Phone: 541-737-6396

Air-sea interactions, satellite meteorology and oceanography, atmospheric boundary layer and ocean mixed layer dynamics

Ozkan-Haller, Tuba
Acting Dean, Professor, Associate Vice President for Research Administration & Development

Phone: 541-737-9170

Near-shore circulation modeling, data assimilation in the near-shore region, time-series analysis techniques

Pearson, Brodie
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-3629

Physics of mixing processes (i.e. turbulence) in the ocean

Pettit, Erin
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-0942

Glacier and ice sheet dynamics, ice/ocean interactions, ice rheology and deformation, ice-core climate history

Raleigh, Mark
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-3497

Snow, mountain, and forest hydrology; remote sensing; numerical modeling; data assimilation; machine learning; streamflow forecasting; hydroclimate interactions, extremes, disturbance, and change

Reimers, Clare
Distinguished Professor of Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Phone: 541-737-2426

Benthic biogeochemistry; chemical sensor development; redox conditions in natural waters and sediments, carbonate chemistry

Ruggiero, Peter

Phone: 541-737-1239

Coastal geomorphology, coastal hazards, nearshore processes

Rupp, David
Assistant Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-737-0558

Climate variability, anthropogenic influences on climate and hydrology, streamflow processes

Samelson, Roger

Phone: 541-737-4752

Fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of the ocean and atmosphere, coastal and arctic meteorology, nonlinear dynamics of geophysical fluids

Santelmann, Mary
Professor; Director, Water Resources Graduate Program

Phone: 541-737-1215

Wetlands ecology, biogeography

Schmittner, Andreas

Phone: 541-737-2659

Climate change, ocean biogeochemical cycles, interactions in the climate system, paleoclimate, ocean circulation

Schultz, Adam

Phone: 541-737-9832

Geophysical imaging to study the structure and composition of Earth’s interior

Share, Pieter-Ewald
Assistant Professor

Nature of structure and strain along major faults making up the southern California plate boundary

Shearman, Kipp

Phone: 541-737-1866

Physical processes in coastal ocean, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

Shell, Karen
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-0980

Climate dynamics, general circulation of the atmosphere, interactions between radiative transfer and the dynamics of the atmosphere and ocean, climate modeling

Shiel, Alyssa
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-5209

Geochemical tracer development, transport and fate of metals/metalloids

Shroyer, Emily

Phone: 541-737-1298

Small-scale ocean dynamics, such as turbulent mixing, internal gravity waves, and upper ocean processes

Siler, Nicholas
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-8633

Mountain precipitation and hydrology, global hydrologic cycle, regional climate change and variability

Skyllingstad, Eric

Phone: 541-737-5697

Upper ocean turbulence, mesoscale coastal internal waves, ocean-atmosphere coupling

Smyth, William

Phone: 541-737-3029

Turbulence in geophysical flows, thermohaline processes, nonlinear waves

Sousa, Frank
Assistant Professor (Senior Research)
Spinrad, Rick

Phone: 541-220-1915
Spitz, Yvette

Phone: 541-737-3227

The main pathways in marine ecosystems, coupled physical-biological models

Stanley, Ben

Phone: 541-737-1210
Stoner, Joseph

Sediment magnetism, stratigraphy, paleoclimatology

Sullivan, Pamela
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-3625

Ecohydrology; interactions of climate, vegetation and geology

Tepley, Frank
Professor, Geology Program Director

Phone: 541-737-9350

Igneous petrology, isotope geochemistry, electron probe microscopy

Thurber, Andrew
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-4500

Microbe-metazoan Interactions, deep-sea and polar ecology, food web dynamics, deep-sea habitats, annelid ecology

Tilt, Jenna
Assistant Professor (Senior Research), Senior Instructor I

Phone: 541-737-1232

Community resilience to chronic and acute hazards; equitable adaptations for hazard mitigation; wildland-urban interface social vulnerability and resilience; food-energy-water nexus decision-making; green infrastructure; stakeholder engagement and outreach

Torres, Marta

Phone: 541-737-2902

Cold seepage, gas hydrate dynamics, geochemical tracers for fluid flow, transport mechanisms, analytical geochemistry of sediments, role of microbial communities in early diagenetic processes

Tréhu, Anne

Phone: 541-737-2655

Geodynamic processes along plate boundaries, gas hydrate dynamics

Tufillaro, Nick
Associate Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-740-6864

Ocean and fresh water remote sensing, dynamical analysis of physical and biogeochemical ocean processes, design of optic and electronic instrumentation for environmental monitoring

Van Den Hoek, Jamon
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-1229

Geospatial intelligence, remote sensing, spatial programming, digital image processing, conflict ecology, land use/land cover change

Walczak, Maureen (Mo)
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-3037

Paleoceanography, ocean circulation, ocean-glacier interactions

Waldbusser, George

Phone: 541-737-8964

Ocean acidification effects on bivalves, benthic ecology and sediment biogeochemistry, tidal flat ecology

Walker, Barry (BJ)
Walsh, Kuuipo
GIScience Program Director, Senior Instructor I

Phone: 541-737-3795

GIS, metadata, digital libraries and coastal atlases

Watson, James
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-2519

Complex adaptive systems, environmental science, social-ecological systems, quantitative analyses, seascape ecology, marine spatial planning, coastal vulnerability

Wettstein, Justin
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-5177

Large-scale and long-term climate and atmospheric dynamics, climate variability and change, climate impacts and responses in natural and human-managed systems

Wheatcroft, Rob
Rohm Professor of Oceanographic Education

Phone: 541-737-3891

Land - ocean connectivity, sediment and carbon fluxes from small, mountainous rivers, stratigraphic fidelity, estuarine and continental margin sedimentation, carbon burial

Wilson, Greg
Assistant Professor

Phone: 541-737-4915

Physics of the nearshore coastal ocean including waves, currents, and sediment transport.

Wolf, Aaron

Phone: 541-737-2722

Transboundary water conflicts and conflict resolution

David Wrathall Wrathall, David
Associate Professor

Phone: 541-737-8051

Climate hazards, climate change adaptation, social vulnerability, migration, and political ecology

Yalcin, Kaplan
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs

Phone: 541-737-1230

Distance and online education, paleoclimatology

Yalcin, Rebecca
Zaron, Edward (Ed)
Associate Professor (Senior Research)

Phone: 541-737-8273

Ocean modeling and data assimilation, satellite altimetry, and geophysical fluid dynamics