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Gaza buildings and land decimated in 6 months of war (04/07/2024 Axios)

Hypoxia is increasing in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest coast (04/02/2024 Lincoln County Leader)

Oregon snowpack levels in good shape now, but spring variables still in play (03/28/2024 KLCC)

Scientists want to do more research on the Gulf of Mexico. This new ship should help (03/27/2024 WWNO)

Oregon State Working to Refine Ocean Oxygen Monitoring Sensors in Fisheries (03/26/2024 Fishermen's News)

Oregon Dunes Compare To Dune (03/25/2024 KEX)

New OSU research shows that low oxygen levels off the Pacific Northwest coast are widespread and increasing (03/24/2024 Yachats News)

Hypoxia is widespread and increasing in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest coast, study shows (03/20/2024

Oregon State U and fishing industry team up to measure ocean oxygen loss (03/15/2024 Jefferson Exchange)

In Gaza, Satellites Show 157,200 Damaged or Destroyed Buildings (03/13/2024 Undark)

OSU leads effort to expand ocean oxygen monitoring sensor use in fishing industry (03/11/2024 Coastal Curry Pilot)

Iconic Old West tumbleweeds roll in and blanket parts of suburban Salt Lake City (03/05/2024 Seattle Times)

Researchers refine ocean oxygen sensors so they can enlist Oregon’s crab fleet to track changing conditions (02/04/2024 Yachats News)

OSU leads effort to expand ocean oxygen monitoring sensor use in fishing industry (03/02/2024 KTVZ)

OSU Leads Effort to Expand Ocean Oxygen Monitoring Sensor Use in Fishing Industry (02/28/2024 Corvallis Advocate)

Massive damage at Thwaites Glacier (02/24/2024 Daily Kos)

Tidal wetlands trap a lot of carbon dioxide. A recent survey maps those marine carbon sinks, also called “blue carbon” ecosystems, on the Southern Oregon coast. (02/15/2024 Jefferson Public Radio)

As Oregon drought eases, uncertainty remains for some farmers (02/14/2024 KLCC)

There’s a frozen labyrinth atop Mount Rainier. What secrets does it hold? (02/01/2024 Networthy News)

Massive waves slammed a U.S. Army base. How it happened is mysterious. (01/25/2024 Washington Post)

How satellite radar helps scientists map the destruction in Gaza (01/25/2024 Marketplace, NPR)

MapLab: Mapping Gaza’s Destruction (01/24/2024 Bloomberg News)

What this winter weather can tell us about Oregon’s climate and vice versa (01/20/2024 OPB)

The Importance of Archiving the Seafloor (01/18/2024 Eos)

A new study finds a critical vitamin for salmon in rivers (01/16/2024 Jefferson Public Radio)

John Byrne, OSU's 12th president, dies at age 95 (01/14/2024 KTVZ)

Course Design as a Gateway to Student Well-being (01/10/2024 Faculty Focus)

Portland just had its second warmest December, and year, on record (01/05/2024 Oregonian)

Melting Himalayan glaciers pose risk to world (01/04/2024 CBS News)

OSU researchers find vitamin in rivers; may offer hope for Chinook salmon suffering thiamine deficiency disease (01/04/2024 KTVZ)


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