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OSU Scientists Join Effort to Understand Cascadia’s Unique and Hazardous Tectonic Environment (09/14/2023 Corvallis Advocate)

New earthquake research center receives $15M to advance understanding of the Cascadia Subduction Zone (09/13/2023 KLCC)

The Big One is Coming (09/11/2023 KXL)

Why Are Tidewater Glaciers Retreating at Unprecedented Rates? Scientists Discover New Clue (09/09/2023 SciTech Daily)

New Center Aims to Boost Understanding of Cascadia Zone (09/09/2023 Mirage News)

Inaugural OSU Engagement Awards presented at conference (09/08/2023 Life at OSU)

OSU part of new earthquake center that aims to advance understanding of Cascadia Subduction Zone (09/08/2023 KTVZ)

Bursting Air Bubbles May Play a Key Role in How Glacier Ice Melts (09/08/2023 Lab Manager)

Bursting air bubbles may play key role in how glacier ice melts, OSU research suggests (09/07/2023 KTVZ)

What does a melting glacier sound like? 'Gunshots.' (09/07/2023 National Geographic)

Guest Column: Celebrating New Coastal and Ocean Investments in Oregon – Part One (08/28/2023 Cannon Beach Gazette)

After America’s summer of extreme weather, ‘next year may well be worse’ (08/26/2023 The Guardian)

Beavers Are Remaking Microbial Ecosystems in the Arctic (08/22/2023 Eos)

The ice cores that will let us look 1.5 million years into the past (08/21/2023 MIT Technology Review)

Invasive Plants Brought to Maui by Colonists Helped Fuel the Wildfires (08/17/2023 Time)

This week’s heat wave was intense. Climatologist says they could get worse (08/17/2023 OPB)

To protect the oceans, we must map them (commentary) (08/10/2023 Mongabay)

Flash drought, invasive grasses, winds, hurricane and climate change fuel Maui's devastating fires (08/10/2023 Washington Post)

Why did the Maui fire spread so fast? Drought, nonnative species and climate change among possible reasons (08/09/2023 CNN)

Preparation works for cable installation at PacWave site about to kick off (08/08/2023 Offshore Energy)

National Science Foundation awards $4.6 million to OSU Marine and Geology Repository (08/08/2023 Columbia Gorge News)

Visible work on wave energy testing facility under way (08/08/2023 Daily Journal of Commerce)

Work on an OSU-led wave energy test facility will be visible from shore (08/06/2023 OPB)

Converting coastal waves to usable energy (08/05/2023 KPTV Fox 12)

Study highlights importance of mineral iron in ocean ecosystems (08/03/2023 Newswise)

Oregon State University to Begin Construction of Wave Energy Testing Facility off the Oregon Coast (08/01/2023

Wave Energy Project: Construction working from ocean to shore (08/01/2023 North Coast Citizen)

Wave Energy Project: Construction working from ocean to shore (07/31/2023 Lincoln City News-Guard)

Dawn Wright: Diving Deep to Discover the Secrets of the Ocean (07/25/2023 Eos)

Small but mighty: Why Antarctic krill are worth fighting for (7/24/2023 The Revelator)

How climate change affects fisheries, raises risk for conflicts (7/20/2023 OPB Think Out Loud)

Storage Grant: OSU Marine and Geology Repository receives $4.6M (07/14/2023 Lincoln City News Guard)

Unlocking the secrets of the sea: OSU awarded $4.6 million to digitize and expand oceanic repository (07/13/2023 KPIC)

Satellite imagery shows evidence of new graves after Tigray massacres (07/07/2023 Washington Post)

Newport’s soon-to-be resident takes its first steps in Louisiana (07/05/2023 Philomath News)

OSU dean to co-lead decade-long ocean science committee (07/03/2023 Daily Barometer)

Female polar scientists from Oregon State University face continued barriers (06/28/2023 OPB Think Out Loud)

James Cameron compares submersible tragedy to Titanic sinking: 'I'm struck by the similarity of the Titanic disaster' (06/21/2023 ABC News)

Wetter spring may delay fire season this summer (06/21/2023 Malheur Enterprise)

OSU receives grant to study links between changing ocean conditions, movement of fish and geopolitical tensions (06/20/2023 Columbia Gorge News)

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