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Driftwood Beach reopens (05/18/2022 Newport News-Times)

OSU Scientists Win $1M+ For Ocean Studies (05/18/2022 Corvallis Advocate)

Change is in the wind: Science Pub introduces offshore wind energy (05/17/2022 Lincoln City News-Guard)

State park reopens where PacWave conduit work was under way; now OSU-led energy project looks for cable manufacturer (05/17/2022 Yachats News)

Summer Drought, Fire Outlook Shows Little Change (05/12/2022 KBND)

'It's very defeating': Victims of wildfire prepare as summer approaches (05/11/2022 KVAL)

Despite significant April showers, region remains stuck in drought  (05/11/2022 KLCC)

Farewell to Oceanus: Research vessel decommissioned after 45 years in service (05/11/2022 Newport News-Times)

Climate watchers warn recent flush of rain in western Oregon didn't end the drought (05/10/2022 Eugene Register-Guard)

Valley Catholic Middle Schoolers glimpse real-life STEM careers (05/08/2022 Catholic Sentinel)

Give Fitbits (of Sorts) to the Trees (05/02/2022 Wired)

A geographer explains how satellites give an important—but partial—picture of the war in Ukraine (04/28/2022 Fast Company)

Trees Wearing Accelerometers Help Track Snowstorms (04/15/2022 Eos)

Driftwood wrapping up: Park to reopen to public with improvements (04/13/2022 Newport News-Times)

April storms improve 2022 Pacific NW water outlook, but drought remains (04/13/2022 KTVZ)

Blistering June heat, unprecedented April snow: Climate change makes extreme weather more likely in Oregon (04/12/2022 Oregonian)

Melting ice caps may not shut down ocean current (04/09/2022

Despite ambitious targets, Oregon climate policies must go further to meet global calls to action (Oregon Capital Chronicle 04/07/2022)

Climate Week: Oregon's particular challenges in a warming world (04/04/2022 Jefferson Public Radio)

$25 million awarded for testing wave energy technology at OSU’s PacWave South facility (03/30/2022 Daily Barometer)

As western drought lingers, low reservoir levels locally may mean tough planting and growing season ahead (03/17/2022 Malheur Enterprise)

What’s now considered a long and intense drought in Oregon and parts of the American West is becoming the norm, according to new research (03/17/2022 OPB)

How a scientist overcame challenges to be a global ocean expert (03/17/2022 Investor's Business Daily)

Pray for rain: After years of drought, Central Oregon is at a tipping point (03/16/2022 The Source Weekly)

Gov. declares emergency in Klamath County as drought worsens (03/08/2022 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

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