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Climate Change: Mind-Blowing Warnings from Arctic and Antarctica (7/27/2020 Common Dreams)

Methane is mysteriously leaking from the sea floor in Antarctica, edging global heating to a point of no return (7/22/2020 Business Insider)

Crescent Mountain hike features one of Oregon's most spectacular wildflower meadows (7/15/2020 Salem Statesman-Journal)

Waves are surging to the forefront of sustainable energy (7/14/2020 Benzinga)

The physics of river prediction (7/1/2020 Physics Today)

An icebreaker called Polarstern is revealing the Arctic’s secrets (6/20/2020 The Economist)

LA’s AltaSea and Oregon State University Launch West Coast Ocean Innovation Partnership (6/16/2020 Business Wire)

Drought may leave Central Oregon irrigation districts out of water this year (6/16/2020 Bend Bulletin)

Oregon’s PacWave Aims to Jump-Start US Marine Energy Market (6/3/2020 Greentech Media)

Complex link between whales, krill and temperatures discovered (5/31/2020 RNZ)

New Zealand blue whale distribution patterns tied to ocean conditions and prey availability (5/28/2020

Seismic Noise Reveals Landslides in the Gulf of Mexico (5/26/2020 EOS)

Will the Earth ‘Remember’ the Coronavirus Pandemic? (5/25/2020 Scientific American)

OSU joins climate institute (5/20/2020 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Power Grid Faces Energy Bursts and EM Weapons (5/19/2020 Design News)

Alsea Watershed study nets summer streamflow data (5/6/2020 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Oregon Wave Energy Project Enters Critical Permitting Phase (5/4/2020 OPB)

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