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Model of Cascadia Subduction Zone aids understanding of seismic activity (08/03/2022 Newport News-Times)

Why Does the Keystone Species of the Southern Ocean Need an Awareness Day? (08/03/2022 Pew Charitable Trusts)

Mystery in Gulf: FSU researcher leads team to study conditions for plant survival in ocean desert (08/02/2022 Mirage News)

Why Democrats' climate bill is such a big deal (07/28/2022 ABC News)

State climatologist warns of "flash droughts" (7/26/2022 KLCC)

OSU researches use 3D modeling to analyze earthquake risks (07/18/2022 KGW)

Discoveries About 'Water' Beneath Oregon / Washington Coast May Help Major Quake Assessments (07/18/2022 Oregon Coast Beach Connection)

New OSU earthquake research shows how water is ‘key player’ in Cascadia Subduction Zone quakes (07/15/2022 KOIN)

Oregon sunstones (7/11/2022 OPB Science from the Northwest)

Massive earthquake on Seattle Fault would bring catastrophic tsunami waves (07/11/2022 Seattle Weekly)

Darlingtonia Californica - Carnivorous Plants of the Oregon Coast (07/01/2022 KXCR Community Radio)

Battling crabs 250 miles off the Oregon Coast, while studying an underwater volcano (06/30/2022 OPB)

Threats of heat waves, wildfires and smoke loom over Oregon’s summer (06/29/2022 Street Roots)

It's been one year since Oregon's deadly heat dome. Will it happen again? (06/28/2022 KGW)

This single-celled sea critter could help scientists learn about climate change (06/23/202 KUOW/Northwest News Network)

Too much of a good thing? Report says PNW drought could lead to more flooding events (KATU 06/22/2022)

Growing phytoplankton to learn more about the ocean's food web (06/22/2022 KUOW/Northwest News Network)

Watching for whales – and their food (06/21/2022 KUOW/Northwest News Network)

To unravel some of the ocean's mysteries, scientists head to sea (06/20/2022 KUOW/Northwest News Network)

Earth's Magnetic Poles Probably Won't Flip After All, Scientists Predict (06/08/2022 Science Alert)

Aaron Wolf: Transforming Conflict (06/07/2022 First Person Plural podcast)

Surfing the PacWave: The HDD Company adapts pipeline know-how for wave energy project (06/06/2022 North American Energy Pipelines)

Water supply issues possible despite high snowpack, expert warns (06/01/2022 KEZI)

Driftwood Beach reopens (05/18/2022 Newport News-Times)

OSU Scientists Win $1M+ For Ocean Studies (05/18/2022 Corvallis Advocate)

Change is in the wind: Science Pub introduces offshore wind energy (05/17/2022 Lincoln City News-Guard)

State park reopens where PacWave conduit work was under way; now OSU-led energy project looks for cable manufacturer (05/17/2022 Yachats News)

Water Management in Armed Conflict: Improving Collaboration and Joint Knowledge (05/13/2022 New Security Beat)

Summer Drought, Fire Outlook Shows Little Change (05/12/2022 KBND)

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