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          Construction slated for coastal wave energy testing facility (07/23/2024 Columbia Gorge News)

New Database Empowers Wildfire Management Strategies (07/23/2024 AZO CleanTech)

Researchers enhance tool to better predict where and when wildfires will occur (07/22/2024 and ScienceDaily)

Coast closed for shellfish harvesting due to toxic scare (07/18/2024 Daily Barometer)

Cable installation on schedule at first US full-scale wave energy test site (07/15/2024 Offshore Energy)

USA's first large scale wave energy test site prepares for cable installation (07/14/2024 Baird Maritime)

Cable installation to begin for PacWave South wave energy test site (07/12/2024 Hydro Review)

All Set for Cable Installation at US' First Utility-Scale Wave Energy Test Site (07/12/2024 Marine Technology News and Offshore Engineer)

Cable installation set to begin for OSU-led wave energy testing facility off Oregon coast (07/11/2024 KTVZ)

'Out of the norm': Experts urge caution after deadly heat wave scorches West Coast (07/09/2024 USA Today)

Heat wave? Heat dome? Either way, it doesn’t bode well (07/08/2024 The Oregonian)

Oregon State study finds variations in people connecting extreme weather to climate change (06/28/2024 Jefferson Public Radio)

The Pacific Northwest’s most active (undersea) volcano is getting a little frisky (06/25/2024 OPB)

Fastest rise in CO2 in the last 50,000 years (06/22/2024 Sonnenseite)

Erica Leon Guerrero's OSU success story (06/19/2024 Marianas Variety)

Public more confident connecting increasing heat, wildfires with climate change than other extreme weather events, study finds (06/15/2024 Tillamook County Pioneer)

Climate change is causing low-oxygen levels in PNW ocean, report says (06/14/2024 Jefferson Public Radio)

OSU study finds public more confident linking heat, wildfires with climate change than other extreme weather events (06/13/2024 KTVZ)

What new research on the Cascadia fault finds about the Pacific Northwest’s ‘big one’ (06/11/2024 Oregonian)

PNW coast suffers from low oxygen, study finds. It’s becoming the norm (06/10/2024 Seattle Times)

New Data on 'the Big One' offers a clearer view of inevitable earthquake catastrophe (06/07/2024 Popular Science)

 Scientists map one of Earth’s top hazards in the Pacific Northwest (06/07/2024 Washington Post)

Blood Falls: Antarctica's crimson waterfall forged from an ancient hidden heart (06/07/2024 Live Science)

What Ukraine has lost (06/03/2024 New York Times)

Liquid Cooled Workstation: Advantageous for Big Ocean Simulations, Exceptional for Small Tasks (05/30/2024 Oregon State + Mark III + NVIDIA + Supermicro Mark III Systems Blog)

Carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere 10 times faster than it has in the last 50,000 years (05/24/2024 EcoReport, WFHB)

Ice to Know You (05/19/2024 Elevating Denver, Denver8 TV)

This 50,000-year-old block of ice reveals the true state of CO2 levels now (05/14/2024 New Atlas)

Carbon Dioxide Increase Is Fastest It Has Ever Been In Last 50,000 Years (05/14/2024 IFL Science)

CO2 increasing 10 times faster than any point in last 50,000 years – study (05/13/2024 The Independent)

Scottish research shows CO2 increasing faster than anytime in last 50,000 years (05/13/2024 Yahoo News)

Liquid Cooled Workstation for Large-Scale Edge Data Science (05/06/2024 Mark III Systems)

From the Dunes of Arrakis to the Oregon Coast: "Dune" morphology is more than just a sci-fi genre (05/01/2024 Bend Source Weekly)


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