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Tracking Conflict and Cooperation Over the World’s International Freshwater Resources (03/20/2023 New Security Beat)

New Study Examines Cause of Dangerous ‘Sneaker Waves’  (03/16/2023 The Inertia)

Deep-sea volcano off the Oregon Coast helps scientists forecast eruptions (03/16/2023 OPB)

OSU art exhibit features regional artist's Antarctic paintings (03/15/2023 KEZI)

OSU: New Dean for College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (03/10/2023 Corvallis Advocate)

‘Earthquakes can happen anytime, anywhere:’ What can OSU do to prepare? (03/06/2023 Daily Barometer)

A key component of marine ecosystems is changing together with our climate (03/02/2023 UNESCO)

Cattle, not coca, drive deforestation of the Amazon in Colombia – report (02/19/2023 The Guardian)

Oregon cloud video misrepresented as Ohio derailment aftermath (02/16/2023 AP)

A 13-foot-tall robot named ‘Icefin’ swam underneath the ‘Doomsday Glacier’ and found it’s not just melting—it’s shattering (02/15/2023 Fortune)

Far-off storms could be one cause of sneaker waves on Pacific Northwest beaches (02/10/2023 OPB Think Out Loud)

For Female Scientists, Antarctica Can Be a Sexual Harassment Hellscape (02/09/2023 Undark/Mother Jones)

Inside the Race to Find Earth’s Oldest Ice (02/09/2023 Scientific American)

Far-off storms could be one cause of sneaker waves on Pacific Northwest beaches (02/08/2023 OPB)

Trees stressed by climate change (02/07/2023 Nugget Newspaper)

New Oregon State study connects Pacific storms, sneaker waves (02/06/2023 KOIN)

OSU researcher says changing climate likely helped early human migration to the Americas (02/06/2023 KTVZ)

Sneaker Waves: New research shows what's causing the waves along Pacific Northwest (02/04/2023 North Coast Citizen)

Oregon faces sustained and novel risks as climate changes (02/01/2023 Newberg Graphic)

New research by OSU professor could aid National Weather Service warnings about sneaker waves (02/01/2023 Yachats News)

COLDEX: The Search for Earth’s Oldest Ice (01/31/2023 Pulitzer Center)

Far-off storms fuel dangerous ‘sneaker’ waves along Pacific Northwest coast, new research suggests (01/31/2023 Tech Post & Science)

Study: Humidity, not rain, bigger problem for trees (01/30/2023 The Columbian)

OSU wave power testing facility overcomes many “firsts” (01/29/2023 KLCC)

323 year anniversary of last major earthquake and tsunami (01/27/2023 KEZI)

The Ocean Never Stops Moving. So Why Aren't We Using Its Power? (01/27/2023 Esquire)

OSU-led wave energy testing facility reaches milestones (01/25/2023 Newport News-Times)

New OSU study focuses on strength and frequency of landslides (01/24/2023 KGW)

How the drier air of the warmer Earth stresses Douglas firs (01/23/2023 Jefferson Public Radio)

New research provides insight on the effects logging, roadwork can have on landslides (01/23/2023 OPB Think Out Loud)

Landslides: New research shows forestry management impact (01/23/2023 Lincoln City News Guard)

Wave Energy: New facility taking shape at Newport (01/22/2023 Lincoln City News Guard)

Study: Forest landslides’ frequency, size influenced more by road building, logging than heavy rain (01/21/2023 Cannon Beach Gazette)

Energy Testing Facility Led By Oregon State University Achieves Construction Milestones (01/21/2023 India Education Diary)

New roads led to landslides in PNW (01/20/2023 Farm Progress)

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