We value feedback and input from all college members.

For the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS) to make meaningful change and to address issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and access we must be able to hear the perspectives and feedback of everyone in our community.

This document outlines a feedback survey tool that can be used by all CEOAS students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests to provide feedback, positive and negative about their experiences associated with the research, teaching, outreach and other activities in the college. Feedback can also be provided anonymously.

The CEOAS tool has been developed in consultation with the OSU College of Science, and with the OSU Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) and we thank them for their input.

Provide Feedback

Use the Feedback Tool

More details of this process

CEOAS Feedback Tool Description

What this process is for:

  • Suggestions, ideas and concerns, positive or negative feedback and other information related to diversity, equity, access, belonging, and inclusion in CEOAS.
  • Alerting the College of instances of possible bias and discrimination within the college, including in classrooms, in research facilities, and all other college locations whether or on off the main campus in Corvallis.
  • Providing feedback about college activities, policies and procedures which impact CEOAS students, faculty, staff and guests from minoritized identities.
  • Providing feedback about the College’s courses, methods of instruction, advising, research, outreach, and other missions.

What this process is not for:

  • Emergency responses and reports that are covered by other OSU entities (EOA, ombudsman etc.).
  • Feedback or other information that triggers responsible reporter clauses.
  • Grade disputes related to individual courses, correct vs. incorrect answers on assignments or exams or similar issues. (Instead, see the CEOAS Grade Concern Appeal Process page.)
  • Academic integrity or misconduct issues.
  • Feedback or concerns about other colleges.

Other Resources on Campus

Filling Out the Feedback Form

The form is designed to receive suggestions, ideas, concerns and other positive or negative feedback related to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and access and related topics, as well as reports about specific positive or negative interactions you have observed or experienced associated with the college.

Please use the form to share with us what is on your mind.

We understand that feedback can often be sensitive, and there are often power dynamics to be aware of. For this reason, we do not require you to identify yourself, but if you choose to, we will be better able to provide you a response.

We also provide you with the option of noting possible conflicts of interest for college leaders who will review the feedback.

Review of feedback

Review of submitted reports will be initially via the College Feedback Committee consisting of Adam Kent – Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Faculty Advancement; Robert Allan – Director of Graduate Student services; and Mary Chuinard – Director of Undergraduate Student Services). This committee will review every feedback report for possible conflicts of interest and route it according to the chart below. The committee will also track individual reports. Please note that in order to assist with any technical issues, CEOAS web developer Ernie Colantonio also has access to the submissions but does not read them.