A graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) is a professional position funded by the college. GTA positions are
used by CEOAS to support graduate students in their degrees and to help deliver our academic programs.
Most GTA positions are awarded as part of the graduate recruitment cycle, although we also have a
number of students that transfer between GTA and GRA (Graduate Research Assistantships). Every effort is
made to support all graduate students accepted into the college. Assistantships provide direct service to
the University’s academic programs as well as functioning as an integral part of the learning experience for
our students. GTAs are currently enrolled graduate students assigned to assist instructors in their course
workload by performing a variety of instruction-related tasks, including assisting with labs, recitations, and
field course support. These tasks may be performed independently or in coordination with an instructor.
GTAs are expected to complete duties in a responsible and timely fashion. They are also expected to
properly manage student information as confidential and to treat all students with dignity and respect.
Typically a GTA is part of an applicant’s funding package when they arrive at CEOAS. Most of the positions
are currently filled with obligations made at the time of admission.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) in CEOAS are generally appointed on a 0.40 (40%) FTE (Full Time Equivalent -
which is equal to 40 hours per week), which equals 208 hours of work over a 13-week period. Based on the
contract with the Coalition for Graduate Students, only 85% of these hours (177) may be within the 11-
week academic term. Divided into 10 weeks of teaching, this equals approximately 17.5 hours of work each
week. The remainder of your hours are orientation, prep and grading that occur outside of the 10-week
term. Your hours will fluctuate weekly but will likely average 17.5/week. Please see information on the
“Hours” page.

All graduate teaching assistants are required:
● To be enrolled as a full-time degree-seeking graduate student at Oregon State University,
completing a minimum of 12 credits of instruction each term (3 credits during summer session).
Audit registrations, course withdrawals, and enrollment in INTO OSU may not be used to satisfy
these minimum enrollment requirements.
● To be making satisfactory progress toward an advanced degree.