Leading the design and construction of the next class of ocean-going research vessels for the National Science Foundation

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The coastal ocean encompasses the most complex range of oceanic phenomena on the globe, and ships are as vital as ever to observing and understanding these phenomena. Oregon State University is leading the charge in designing and delivering the next generation of ships to advance coastal science.

With more modern technology and abilities than previous generations of ocean research ships, these Regional Class Research Vessels (RCRV) will be cutting-edge platforms that provide scientists and educators access to the marine realm. The RCRV's environmentally conscious and acoustically quiet design, robust on-board sensor suite, and advanced overboard-handling systems for the launch and recovery of scientific packages will greatly bolster the U.S. marine science research capacity. The first of three new ships we are building, which CEOAS will operate, will replace R/V Oceanus.

Project Overview

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Drawings and Modeling

RCRV Background Documentation

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Contact Information

Demian Bailey, Regional Class Research Vessel Project Manager
Clare Reimers, Project Support Office Scientist
RCRV Project Phone Number: 541-737-5114
Vendor's Questions:
Deanne Lahaie-Noll, Procurement Contract Officer, 541-737-1150