Educators and researchers in GEM study and teach all aspects of coupled earth systems, focusing on human interactions with terrestrial and marine processes, from mountaintops to mid-ocean.

Teaching and Research Faculty

Andrea Allan, Larry Becker, Laurie Becker, Michael Campana, Lynette de Silva, Kelsey Emard, Erica Fleishman, Matthew Goslin, Hannah Gosnell, Michael Harte, Demian Hommel, Julia Jones, Robert Kennedy, Tara Massad, Tyler McFadden, Andrew Meigs, Phil Mote, Park Muhonda, Peder Nelson, Felicia Olmeta Schult (OSU Extension Service), Laura Peters, Mark Raleigh, Mary SantelmannJim Thatcher, Jenna Tilt, Jamon Van Den Hoek, Kuuipo Walsh, James Watson, Aaron Wolf, David Wrathall, Kaplan Yalcin

Geography & Geospatial Sciences seminar spring 2024

Fridays from 1 to 2 p.m. in Burt Hall, Room 193
Reception and refreshments to follow in lobby
* denotes remote presentation

April 5, Felicia Olmeta-Schult, OSU Extension
Stories of Community Engagement to Increase Resilience to Coastal Hazards

April 12*, Katharine Mach, University of Miami
Confronting Climate Complexity: Intersectionality, Integration, and Innovative governance

April 19, Alan Kasprak, EPA, Corvallis
Flow alteration, river valley morphology, and the influence of Glen Canyon Dam on sediment availability along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.

April 26*, Joe McFadden, UC Santa Barbara
Spatial and temporal dynamics of fluxes between the urban forest and the atmosphere

May 3, Amanda Thiel, OSU Geography
Towards Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty in Mexican and Guatemalan Communities

May 10, Jim Thatcher, OSU
Climate Change, Climate Play: Cartography, games, and building hope in desolate times

May 17, Alida Cantor, Portland State University
Water and Environmental Justice in Renewable Energy Transitions in the US West

May 24, Troy Magney, UC Davis
Remote Sensing of Forest Photosynthesis Across Scales

May 31, Kate Berry, University of Nevada-Reno
Shaping Water Governance through Water Values, Imaginaries, and Metrics

June 7, John Gamon, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Functional Vegetation Mapping Integrating Remote Sensing and Plant Ecophysiology