Faculty research interests align with three areas of excellence:

  • Geospatial Analysis and Modeling. Theory and applications of geospatial technologies such as remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and data visualization, and their ethical implications.
  • Earth System Science. How biogeographic, physical, ecological, chemical, and human spheres interact within the Earth System and how these connected components are dynamically changing in time and space.
  • Global Change Risk and Resilience. How environmental processes such as climate change influence human risk and vulnerability, and how social processes such as resource consumption or geopolitical conflict affect justice, equity, and the environment.

(* indicates faculty who are currently advising graduate students)

Andrea Allan

Interests: physical geography, climate dynamics


Larry Becker*

Interests: rural livelihoods, food security, and agricultural policy in the global South, with a focus on Africa


Laurie Becker

Interests: GIS


Lynette de Silva*

Interests: water conflict management, integrated watershed management


Kelsey Emard*

Interests: land use and livelihood change, resource access, Latin America


Erica Fleishman*

Interests: biogeography, conservation, ecological responses to climate and land-use change


Matthew Goslin

Interests: geospatial science


Hannah Gosnell*

Interests: rural land use change; water resource policy; climate change adaptation


Michael Harte*

Interests: marine geography, natural resource management and planning


Demian Hommel

Interests: human dimensions of global change; environmental security and resource conflicts


Julia Jones*

Interests: spatio-temporal statistics, land use, climate change and disturbance effects on hydrology, geomorphology, water quality


Robert Kennedy*

Interests: geospatial analysis, remote sensing, modeling, landscape ecology, disturbance dynamics, computational methods


John Lowry

Interests: geospatial science


Park Muhonda

Interests: rural livelihoods, adaptation to climate change, and political ecology


Peder Nelson

Interests: remote sensing, GIS, automated visualization and analysis tools


Laura Peters*

Interests: disasters, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, community health, social justice and inclusion, humanitarian and conflict-affected context


Mark Raleigh*

Interests: remote sensing, digital image processing, snow processes in mountain environments, hydroclimatology, cryosphere-climate interactions


Mary Santelmann*

Interests: wetlands ecology, biogeography


Jim Thatcher*

Interests: critical GIS, critical cartography, political ecology, and geocomputation


Jenna Tilt*

Interests: community resilience, hazard mitigation and adaptation; planning


Jamon Van Den Hoek*

Interests: geospatial intelligence, remote sensing, spatial programming, digital image processing, conflict ecology, land use/land cover change


Kuuipo Walsh

Interests: GIS, metadata, digital libraries and coastal atlases


James Watson*

Interests: complex adaptive systems, environmental science, social-ecological systems and quantitative analyses, seascape ecology, marine spatial planning, coastal vulnerability


Aaron Wolf*

Interests: transboundary water conflicts and conflict resolution


David Wrathall*

Interests: climate hazards, social vulnerability, migration, and political ecology