Mark R. Abbott
Courtesy Appointment
Jay Alder
Courtesy Appointment, USGS
Burt 108, 541-737-5629
  William (Bill) Andrews
Courtesy Appointment
Dawes 23
Working with John Dilles
  Andrew Barnard
Courtesy Appointment
Weniger 515A
Working with Nick Tufillaro 4/1/2020 - 3/31/2022
Harold (Hal) P. Batchelder
Courtesy Appointment
  Mike Behrenfeld
Adjunct - Professor, Botany & Plant Pathology
Cordley 2080, 541-737-6204
  Susan Bilek
Courtesy Appointment
Alain Bonneville
Courtesy Appointment
Website: Alain Bonneville at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Laura Brophy
Courtesy Appointment, Director, Estuary Technical Group, Institute for Applied Ecology; Principal, Green Point Consulting
Website: Institute for Applied Ecology
  Susan Capalbo
Adjunct - Professor, Ag & Res. Econ
Ballard 213, 541-737-5639
  Kerry Carlin-Morgan
Courtesy - Oregon Coast Aquarium
  Sam Chan
Adjunct - Statewide Aquatic Invasive Species and Watershed Health Specialist
Ballard 307C, 503-679-4828
Jorie Clark
Courtesy Appointment
Wilkinson 136, 541-737-1575
Quaternary geology, paleoclimatology, archaeology
  Joe Cone
Courtesy Appointment
Louise A. Copeman
Courtesy Appointment, NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center
HMSC RSF 186, 541-867-0165
  Dan Cox
Adjunct - Professor, Civil & Construction Engineering
Hinsdale Wave Research Lab, 541-737-3631
  Lori Cramer
Adjunct - Assoc. Prof., Sociology
Fairbanks 309A, 541-737-5382
  Cristen N. Don
Courtesy Appointment, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  Jamie Doyle
Adjunct Asst. Prof/Ore. Sea Grant
  Brett Dumbauld
Adjunct - Ecologist, USDA-ARS/HMSC
HMSC, 541-867-0191
Robert P. Dziak
Adjunct - Instructor
Acoustics Program Director
NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Website: Dr. Robert Dziak
  Hillary Susan Egna
Adjunct - Aquaculture CRSP
Snell 419, 541-737-6415
  Robert W. Embley
Affiliate - Prof. (Sr. Res.). CIMRS
HMSC, 541-867-0275
Website: Robert W. Embley
Sean W. Fleming
Courtesy Appointment, US Department of Agriculture, University of British Columbia
Wilkinson 255,
  Rebecca Flitcroft
Courtesy Appointment, US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station
  Guillermo Giannico
Adjunct - Associate Professor, Fisheries and Wildlife Extension
Nash 114, 541-737-2479
  Gordon Grant
Courtesy Appointment
Forest Science Lab 280W, 541-750-7328
Fluvial Geomorphology
  Kirsten Grorud-Colvert
Adjunct - Assistant Professor Senior Research
Cordley 3029, 541-737-9981
Website: Kirsten Grorud-Colvert
  William Hanshumaker
Adjunct - Sr. Instructor, Sea Grant Ext.
HMSC, 541-867-0167
  Christopher J. Harpel
Courtesy Appointment
Joseph Haxel
Courtesy Appointment
Working with Burke Hales until 6/30/2023, on acoustics monitoring at PacWave
Feng He
Visiting Postdoc Fellow
Wilkinson 105
Website: Ocean Circulation and Climate
  Sarah Henkel
Adjunct - Asst. Prof. Sr. Res./Zoology, HMSC
HMSC, 541-867-0316
  Scott A. Heppell
Adjunct - Associate Professor, Fisheries and Wildlife
Nash 042, 541-737-1086
Website: Heppell Lab
  Selina S. Heppell
Adjunct - Professor, Fisheries and Wildlife
Nash 126, 541-737-9039
Website: Heppell Lab
Graham Hill
Courtesy Appointment, Associate Professor, Czech Academy of Sciences
Electromagnetic induction theory & practice, inverse theory, the relationship of resistivity structure to physico-chemical conditions of the Earth, global tectonism, volcanism and magmatic systems, geothermal systems development, & ore deposits
Working with Adam Schultz

Steven W. Hostetler
Courtesy Appointment, Research Scientist, USGS
Burt 109, 541-737-8928
Climate modeling, hydrologist
Working with Peter Clark through 6/30/2025

  Mary Hunsicker
Courtesy Faculty
Website: Mary Hunsicker
  Nancee Hunter
Adjunct faculty, Oregon Sea Grant Education Specialist
Website: Nancee Hunter
  Stephanie Jordan
Courtesy Appointment, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Working with Flaxen Conway
Anna Kelbert
Courtesy Appointment
Website: Anna Kelbert on ResearchGate
  Erik Klemetti
Affiliate Faculty Appointment
Associate Professor at Denison University
Website: Erik Klemetti
Working with Adam Kent until 11/30/2023

Alexander L. Kurapov
Courtesy Faculty
Burt 330
Website: Alexander Kurapov's Coastal Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation Group

  Paul J. Kushner
Courtesy Appointment
  Chris Langdon
Adjunct - Professor, F&W
HMSC, 541-867-0231
  Beverly Law
Professor - Global Change Biology and Terrestrial Systems Science, Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society
Richardson 328, 541-737-6111
Website: TERRA-PNW
  Lai-yung Ruby Leung
Courtesy Appointment, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Working with Nick Siler 2/1/2020 to 2/2/2025
  Wule Lin
Visiting Ph.D. Student
Working with Adam Schultz
Melissa McCracken
Affiliate Faculty Appointment
Working with Aaron Wolf until 9/29/2021
  Carey McGilliard
Courtesy Appointment
  Jerry X. Mitrovica
Affiliate Faculty Appointment
Professor of Geophysics at Harvard University
Website: Jerry X. Mitrovica
Working with JC Creveling
  Tim Miller-Morgan
Adjunct - Extension Veterinarian – Aquatic Species, Sea Grant Extension
HMSC, 541-867-0265
  Erin Moriarty
Courtesy Appointment, U.S. Geological Survey
  Mark Needham
Adjunct - Professor, Forest Ecosystems & Society
Richardson 204, 541-737-1498
  Theresa Nogeire-McRae
Courtesy Appointment
Wilkinson 255
Working with Julia Jones until 10/12/2022
Anne Nolin
Courtesy Appointment, University of Nevada-Reno
  Perach Nuriel
Courtesy Appointment
Working with Adam Kent
Laura Peters
Courtesy Appointment
Julie Pett-Ridge
Adjunct Associate Professor
Agricultural & Life Sciences 3041, 541-737-1236
  Peter Raymond
Affiliate Faculty Appointment
Professor at Yale University
Working with Byron Crump until 11/30/2023
Juan M. Restrepo
Adjunct - Professor, Department of Mathematics
Kidder 046, 541-737-0517
Website: Juan M. Restrepo
Julie Risien
Adjunct - STEM Research Center
Website: Julie Risien
  Shawn Rowe
Adjunct - Associate Professor, Sea Grant Extension
HMSC, 541-867-0190
  Charles M. Rubin
Courtesy Appointment
  William (Bill) D. Rugh
Courtesy Appointment, EPA
  Steven S. Rumrill
Courtesy Appointment, Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
541-867-0300 / x245
  Jameal F. Samhouri
Courtesy Appointment
  David Sampson
Adjunct, Professor, Fisheries and Wildlife
HMSC, 541-867-0386
  Sarah L. Shafer
Courtesy Appointment
Wilkinson 029
  Vivek Shandas
Courtesy (Julia Jones) -  Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning
College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State
Website: Professor Vivek Shandas
  Courtland Smith
Adjunct - Prof. Emeritus, Anthropology
Waldo 210, 541-737-3858
Ana K. Spalding
Adjunct - Assistant Professor of Marine and Coastal Policy
 318 Fairbanks Hall, 541-737-2073
Website: Ana K. Spalding
  Glenn A. Spinelli
Courtesy Appointment, New Mexico Tech.
  Brent Steel
Adjunct - Prof., Political Science
Gilkey 311, 541-737-6133
  Erwin Suess
Courtesy Appointment, German Marine Res. Consort.
  Gil Sylvia
Adjunct - Superintendent, COMES; Prof., Ag. & Res. Econ.
HMSC, 541-867-0284
  Christoph K. Thomas
Courtesy Appointment
  Christy Till
Courtesy Appointment, Arizona State University
Working with Adam Kent
  Bryan Tilt
Adjunct - Professor, Anthropology
Waldo 209, 541-737-3896
  Leigh Torres
Adjunct - Assistant Professor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
HMSC, 541-867-0202
Andy Ungerer
Courtesy Appointment
Waldo Wakefield
Adjunct Professor, HMSC
Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies
  Gregg Walker
Adjunct - Prof., Speech Comm.
Shephard 105, 541-737-2461
Don Walsh
Courtesy Professor
  Jeroen Warner
Affiliate Faculty Appointment
Associate Professor at Wageningen University
Working with Aaron Wolf
  Terrance P. Welch
Courtesy Appointment
  Leandra Weydt
Visiting Ph.D. Student
Working with Adam Schultz
  Denis White
Courtesy Appointment
Website: Denis White
  Rob Witter
Courtesy Appointment, Research Geologist, USGS
Working with Andrew Meigs
Dawn J. Wright
Courtesy Appointment, Chief Scientist of Esri
909-793-2853 / ext. 2182
Website: Deepsea Dawn
  Harry Yeh
Adjunct - Prof., Civil & Constr. Engr.
Graf 201, 541-737-8057
Bo Zhao
Courtesy Appointment
Website: Bo Zhao at University of Washington
  Shi Zhongkui
Visiting Intern
Strand 331
Working with Robert Kennedy