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Brief Research Interests: 

Atmosphere-ocean interaction, stratiform clouds, tropical meteorology




Atmosphere-ocean interaction, Stratiform clouds, Tropical meteorology

Research Interests

I am interested in atmosphere-ocean interaction, and its influence on the climate. Much of my research focuses on the tropics. They receive the most sunlight, resulting in warm sea surface temperature, and strong fluxes of heat from the ocean to the atmosphere. Most of the heat transferred to the atmosphere is in the form of evaporation. Water vapor condenses in rain clouds and the heat of condensation drives the large-scale circulation of the atmosphere. Wind from the atmosphere blows across the ocean surface and drives ocean currents. Clouds themselves are an important player in atmosphere-ocean interaction, because they shade the ocean surface from the sun, keeping it cooler.

I model or observe important and interesting regional processes, like strong ocean upwelling and stratiform clouds in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, and intraseasonal variability, organized deep convection, and its air-sea interaction in the central tropical Indian Ocean. I measure heat and momentum fluxes from ships by measuring radiation and turbulent temperature, humidity, and velocity fluctuations. I use data gained from observations and regional models to understand air-sea interaction and clouds, and to understand how well climate models simulate these processes.

Current Research

By reflecting sunlight, marine low clouds have a strong effect on the Earth's radiative heating. Stratiform clouds with high cloud amount are blown by the wind toward warmer water and transition to more broken cumuliform clouds. How this occurs affects the amount of low clouds. I am studying the processes responsible for this transition from turbulent, to synoptic, to seasonal time scales.

One of the things that influences clouds is the inversion strength. The air above low marine clouds is usually very dry. If the air above the cloud is much warmer than the cloud, then cloud can not entrain this warmer air and dry itself out. This 10-day movie of inversion strength shows how it changes from day-to-day due to atmospheric circulations.

I am analyzing data I collected in 2011 on an international field campaign to the central Indian Ocean called DYNAMO, to study the origins of one of the largest-scale tropical weather phenomena, the Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO). Using the observations I test theories for the genesis and eastward propagation of the MJO. I am interested in air-sea flux feedbacks to the MJO, the response to and role of sea surface temperature on the rain in the MJO, and the role of surface evaporation in recharging the atmosphere between large scale convective rain events.


Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences: University of Washington, spring 2004.
Dissertation: Evolution of the cross-equatorial atmospheric boundary layer in the east Pacific: observations and models.

B.A., Summa cum laude, Physics with departmental honors and Mathematics: University of Oregon Robert D. Clark Honors College, 1997.
Thesis, passed with distinction: Determining tolerance for bubbles and dirt in the materials of fusion lasers.


Atmospheric Sciences 320: The Changing Climate

Atmospheric Sciences 411/511: Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Cloud Physics

Atmospheric Sciences 615: Large-Scale Interactions of the Atmosphere and Oceans

Graduate Students

June Marion graduated summer 2014
Thesis: Providing the best turbulent heat flux estimates from eddy correlation and bulk methods using DYNAMO data

Michael Makiyama

Kathryn Verlinden


Marys Peak Observatory

Feature Story

In the footprints of clouds: Simon de Szoeke hunts for atmospheric cold pools (June, 2018)



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