Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (PDF)

The Earth is a complex system shaped by natural and human forces. Oregon State University’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS) is renowned for excellence in basic and applied research on Earth systems. Our work extends from the Pacific Northwest to both poles, from the bottom of the ocean to the upper reaches of the atmosphere, from human interactions with the environment to studies of other planets in our solar system. CEOAS faculty, staff, and students contribute to the success of the global science enterprise by serving as intellectual leaders, innovators, and stewards of critical research infrastructure for Oregon and the nation.

Academic programs in CEOAS are interwoven with research and combine classroom excellence with experiential learning, including extensive field experiences. Our graduate programs are recognized as among the best in the world. Leveraging this legacy, CEOAS is now growing novel undergraduate programs in Ocean Science, Climate Science, and Geography and Geospatial Science – complementing highly successful undergraduate programs in Geology and Environmental Sciences. Graduate programs include both disciplinary (Geology, Geography) and interdisciplinary majors (Marine Resource Management; Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences) and successfully place students in academic, government, nonprofit, and private sector jobs.