Environmental Sciences

A brief history of the environmental sciences undergraduate program at Oregon State University


Geography at Oregon State [150K PDF]

Geography at Oregon State University (from 1946 to 1989) by J. Granville Jensen [86K PDF]


Geology at one hundred

A brief history of geology at Oregon State University, 1913-2014 by Anita Grunder, Jenda Johnson, Mike DiCianna, Henri Sanville, and John Dilles

First 50 years [3.5MB PDF]

Second 50 years [2.4MB PDF]

Geology summer field camp

Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences

Oregon State oceanography: A catalyst for change by John V. Byrne (2012) [106K PDF]

Charlie Miller and the history of oceanography at OSU [MediaSpace video]

A long history of satellite remote sensing research at OSU by Dudley B. Chelton, Ricardo M. Letelier and P. Ted Strub (2013) [20K PDF]

Oceanography pioneers: The Oregon State story by John V. Byrne (2012) [5MB PDF]

What is the ocean like off Oregon? Exploring, monitoring, and understanding the northern California current by John A. Barth and Robert L. Smith (2012) [4MB PDF]

Oceanography and atmospheric sciences: 1959–2009 by Vern Kulm, Larry Small, and Bob Smith; photos assembled by Jane Huyer (2009) [1.7MB PDF]

Oceanography: The making of a science, the Oregon State story by John V. Byrne (2000) [68K PDF]

COAS 50th anniversary - Mark Abbott keynote speech [YouTube video]

COAS 50th anniversary - John Byrne keynote speech [YouTube video]

COAS 50th anniversary - Alan Mix aboard Joides Resolution [YouTube video]