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Maps and Parking

CEOAS Complex map and building diagrams

Campus Map with CEOAS Admin Bldg, Burt Hall, Wilkinson Hall, Dawes House, Weniger Hall, and Strand Agriculture Hall highlighted

Parking Services

Office Telephones

See the Faculty & Staff page, General Operations section for information about how to make phone calls with your office phone.

Main Addresses and Locations

CEOAS Administration
Oregon State University
104 CEOAS Admin Bldg
Corvallis OR 97331-5503
Phone 541-737-3504
Email: CEOAS.Admin at

CEOAS Administration Building hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,  Monday through Friday.
Note: The last week of December the CEOAS Administration Building will be locked, accessible only to those who have have a key.

Freight shipping address (packages under 150 lbs):

your name
Oregon State University
2651 SW Orchard Ave
Burt Hall 130
Corvallis OR 97331

Large freight (150 lbs or more):

your name
Campus Freight
191 S.W. 35th St.
Corvallis,  OR  97331

Shop Addresses and Locations

Main: 30th and Western | OSU, CEOAS, Western Shops, 891 S.W. 30th Street, Corvallis, OR 97331 | Fax 541-737-4554 (in WA 221)

  • Machine Shop: WA 221 | Phone 541-737-1326
  • OSU Marine and Geology Repository, Room 100, 4700 SW Research Way, Corvallis, OR 97333-1081 | Phone 541-737-2808
  • Marine Techs: WA 222 | Phone 541-737-1504
  • Radar Lab: WA 222 | Phone 541-737-4949
  • Glider Lab: WA 224 | Phone 541-737-5089
  • Profiling Lab/Cooler: WA 225 | Phone 541-737-9091
  • Microstructure: WA 226 | Phone 541-737-4426
  • Cyclotron Building: Phone 541-737-2704

CEOAS Ship Operations

Phone 541-867-0295   |   Fax 541-867-0294   |   R/V Oceanus (in port) 541-867-0252

OSU Ship Operations
2020 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365

Driving Directions to OSU CEOAS Ship Operations in Newport

See Ship Operations Contact Us for more information, including a map.

Emergency Response Addresses

Last updated 1/5/2024