• Jack Barth, Professor, Executive Director of the Marine Studies Initiative
    Coastal ocean dynamics, coastal marine ecosystems, hypoxia, inner continental shelf dynamics
  • Kim Bernard, Associate Professor
    Polar zooplankton ecology
  • Lorenzo Ciannelli, Professor
    Fisheries oceanography, spatial ecology, fish early life stages, statistical analysis of catch and survey data
  • Rick Colwell, Professor
    Microbial ecology, subsurface microbiology, geomicrobiology
  • Byron Crump, Professor
    Aquatic microbial ecology in marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems
  • Simon de Szoeke, Professor
    Atmosphere-ocean interaction, stratiform clouds, tropical meteorology
  • Ed Dever, Professor
    Cross-shelf exchange processes, analysis and prediction of Lagrangian transport, air-sea interaction
  • Jennifer Fehrenbacher, Assistant Professor
    Tracer oceanography
  • Melanie Fewings, Associate Professor
    Observational coastal physical oceanography and meteorology
  • Jonathan Fram, Associate Professor (Senior Research)
    Ocean Observatories Initiative
  • Chris Goldfinger, Professor
    Marine geology and geophysics, paleoseismology
  • Miguel Goñi, Professor
    Cycling of natural organic matter in the earth's surface, mainly in aquatic environments
  • Burke Hales, Professor
    Coastal ocean carbon cycles, ocean acidification, measurement and experimental manipulation technology.
  • Merrick Haller, Professor
    Nearshore remote sensing, surface wave transformation, rip currents, sediment transport.
  • Michael Harte, Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
    Marine geography, natural resource management and planning
  • Jenny Hutchings, Associate Professor
    Sea ice dynamics
  • Laurie Juranek, Associate Professor
    Dissolved gases, isotope biogeochemistry, marine biological pump, and marine carbon cycle
  • Maria Kavanaugh, Assistant Professor
    Seascape ecology, remote sensing, global change
  • Jim Lerczak, Professor
    Coastal physical oceanography
  • Ricardo Letelier, Professor
    Marine pelagic microorganisms, biogeochemical cycles, nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis
  • Jennifer McKay, Assistant Professor (Senior Research)
    Stable isotopes & trace metals in paleoceanography
  • James Moum, Professor
    Turbulence dynamics; small-scale ocean physics; upper-ocean dynamics; equatorial oceanography; ocean mixing
  • Jonathan Nash, Professor
    Physics of turbulence and ocean mixing
  • Larry O'Neill, Associate Professor
    Air-sea interactions, satellite meteorology and oceanography, atmospheric boundary layer and ocean mixed layer dynamics
  • Tuba Özkan-Haller, Professor, Interim Dean
    Near-shore circulation modeling, data assimilation in the near-shore region, time-series analysis techniques
  • Brodie Pearson, Assistant Professor
    Physics of mixing processes (i.e. turbulence) in the ocean
  • Clare Reimers, Distinguished Professor of Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
    Benthic biogeochemistry; chemical sensor development; redox conditions in natural waters and sediments, carbonate chemistry
  • Peter Ruggiero, Professor
    Coastal geomorphology, coastal hazards, nearshore processes
  • Andreas Schmittner, Professor
    Climate change, ocean biogeochemical cycles, interactions in the climate system, paleoclimate, ocean circulation
  • Kipp Shearman, Professor
    Physical processes in coastal ocean, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
  • Emily Shroyer, Professor
    Small-scale ocean dynamics, such as turbulent mixing, internal gravity waves, and upper ocean processes
  • William Smyth, Professor
    Turbulence in geophysical flows, thermohaline processes, nonlinear waves
  • Yvette Spitz, Professor
    The main pathways in marine ecosystems, coupled physical-biological models
  • Joe Stoner, Professor
    Sediments magnetism, paleomagnetism, environmental magnetism, geomagnetism, sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleoclimatology.
  • Andrew Thurber, Associate Professor
    Microbe-metazoan Interactions, deep-sea and polar ecology, food web dynamics, deep-sea habitats, annelid ecology
  • Mo Walczak, Assistant Professor
    Application of foraminiferal stable isotopes in marine sediments for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and sediment depositional histories
  • George Waldbusser, Professor and Program Head for OEAS
    Ocean acidification effects on bivalves, benthic ecology and sediment biogeochemistry, tidal flat ecology
  • Rob Wheatcroft, Professor Emerit
    Land - ocean connectivity, sediment and carbon fluxes from small, mountainous rivers, stratigraphic fidelity, estuarine and continental margin sedimentation, carbon burial
  • Greg Wilson, Assistant Professor
    physics of the nearshore coastal ocean including waves, currents, and sediment transport.