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Office: 541-737-3037

Burt Hall

Burt Hall 112

2651 SW Orchard Avenue

2651 SW Orchard Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Brief Research Interests: 

Paleoceanography, ocean circulation, ocean-glacier interactions


Curriculum Vitae for Maureen Walczak

Office: Burt 112, Lab: Burt 124

Research Interests

Application of foraminiferal stable isotopes (18O, 13C), trace element/Ca ratios (Mg/Ca, Mn/Ca, Sr/Ca) and radiogenic isotopes (14C, 10Be, 210Pb, 137Cs, 7Be, 234Th) in marine sediments for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and sediment depositional histories

Geochemical (XRF, Nd, Sr, Pb isotopes) and paleomagnetic (u-channel cryogenic magnetometer, point-source magnetic susceptibility) studies of marine sediments

Physical properties studies of sediments (grain-size, Geotek MST, X-radiography, CT scan)

Investigating deglacial changes in meltwater input, stratification, and biogeochemical cycling in high-latitude environments.  

Current Research

My predominant research focus is in Pacific paleoceanography. Specific projects in various states of progress include: 

A radiocarbon-based reconstruction of North Pacific Intermediate Water (NPIW) circulation related to abrupt climate events of the past 50,000 years (w/Alan Mix, Joe Stoner, Stewart Fallon, Keith Fifield)

Establishing an environmental baseline for the Pacific Northwest: 12,000 years of climate and Columbia River discharge (w/Alan Mix, Joe Stoner, Summer Praetorius, Cris Lopes, Brendan Reilly)

A marine perspective of Pacific Northwest deglacial climate and the Missoula megafloods (w/Alan Mix, Joe Stoner, Summer Praetorius, Cris Lopes, Brendan Reilly, Ingrid Hendy)

Co-director of Oregon State University Marine Sediments Sampling (MARSSAM) Facility (w/ Mitch Lyle, Chris Goldfinger)


PhD, Oregon State University, Oceanography, 2011

MS, University of Washington, Oceanography, 2006

BS, University of Washington, Earth and Space Sciences, 2004

BS, University of Washington, Oceanography, 2004


July 2011-Jan 2015     Super Science Fellow Postdoctoral Scholar, Australia National University. Novel Dating Methods for Marine Sediments of Relevance to Determining Past Climate Change (Supervisors: P. DeDeckker, K. Fifield, and A. Roberts)

June-July 2013            Shipboard Science Participant in IODP Exp. 341: Southern Alaska Margin Tectonics, Climate, and Sedimentation. Physical properties specialist.

2006-2011                  PhD Student, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University. Paleoclimate, Paleoventilation, and Paleomagnetism as Recorded in a 17kyr Marine Sediment Record from the SE Alaska Margin (Supervisors A.C. Mix and J.S. Stoner)

2010                           Teaching Assistant, Oceanography, Oregon State University

2004-2006                   MSc Student, Oceanography, University of Washington. Human and environmental impacts on Washington continental-shelf sedimentation: A thirty-year perspective  (Supervisor: C. Nittrouer)

2005                            Teaching Assistant, Oceanography, University of Washington

2003-2004                   Laboratory Technician, Oceanography, University of Washington


OC201e - Introduction to Oceanography

GEO308e - Global Change and Earth Science


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