Professor Emeritus

Office: 541-737-5208

Weniger Hall

Weniger Hall 555A

103 SW Memorial Place

103 SW Memorial Place
Corvallis, OR 97331

Research Interests

Exploration of the Habitability of Mars with the Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity Rover.

Microbes in volcanic rocks on Earth.

Volcanic processes in the ocean basins including mid-ocean ridges and ocean islands.

Chemistry, mineralogy, and microbiology of volcanic rocks from the oceans.

The Ocean Drilling Program.

Current Research

Bacteria in volcanic rocks; dynamics of magma chambers on ocean ridges and volcanic islands; mineralogy and chemistry of magmas.

Deep-sea rock-eating bacteria?
From the Ocean Drilling Program's Greatest Hits

Microchannels in a rock from Mars

Life in the deepest layer of the ocean crust


BS, University of Vermont (Physics), 1969
PhD, University of Rhode Island (Oceanography), 1978


Astrobiology: Life Beyond Earth. Upper division undergraduate course. Co-taught with Rick Colwell from 2010 to 2020. The course examines the question, 'Is there life elsewhere in the solar system, galaxy, and universe?'

Responsible Conduct of Research, Graduate Seminar, Lead Instructor 2009 to 2015. The course helps students recognize conflicting ethical values and resolve conflicts related to research collaboration, authorship, data sharing, use of animals, and other topics. 


Fulbright Scholar, Center for Geobiology, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway 2012.


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