Assistant Professor

Office: 541-737-8985

Strand Agriculture Hall

Strand Agriculture Hall 334A

170 SW Waldo Place

170 SW Waldo Place
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Brief Research Interests: 

Disasters, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, community health, social justice and inclusion, humanitarian and conflict-affected contexts


Vita: Laura E. R. Peters, Ph.D.


I’m an Assistant Professor of Geography researching how deeply divided societies build knowledge about, cope with, and act upon contemporary social-environmental changes and challenges, including those related to climate change, disasters, and health. My applied research on disaster risk reduction and environmental peacebuilding seeks not just to reduce and mitigate risks but also to co-develop explicit inclusive strategies that strengthen social-environmental sustainability and justice, support community and planetary health and wellbeing, and build durable peace. With fieldwork experience in the Caribbean, South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East, I partner with global policy-makers, think tanks, practitioners, and affected communities to learn from and contribute to real actions taken at the frontlines of these complex social-environmental challenges.

Prior to OSU, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University College London cross-appointed to the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction and the Institute for Global Health, and at American University in the School of International Service. I earned my PhD in Geography at Oregon State University (2020), MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University (2013), and MA in International Development and Cooperation at Korea University (2013).

My research specialties are:

  • Disaster risk reduction in contexts affected by armed conflict, violence, fragility, and forced displacement
  • Disaster diplomacy and environmental peacebuilding
  • Intersectional vulnerabilities and capacities
  • Social justice and inclusion
  • Community positive health