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Where did your passion for the ocean begin? Poking around in tide pools or surfing on the Oregon coast? Visiting an aquarium? Watching specials like “Blue Planet,” or maybe “Spongebob Squarepants?”

More importantly, where will that passion take you next?

Our oceanography program, ranked No. 3 in the world, can take you from coastal mangroves in the tropics to the ice-covered poles. Oceanographers study all aspects of the marine environment and how it interacts with and influences planet Earth including humankind. As an Ocean Science major at OSU you will be exposed to the tremendous breadth of the marine realm and the diverse ways scientists study it. Dive in!

Explore the degree

Oceanography Advising Worksheets

  • Major (catalog year 2022-23 and beyond)
  • Option (catalog year 2021-22)

Degree Learning Outcomes

  • Each student will learn basic concepts in Earth Sciences in preparation for advanced training in the same. Areas include how the earth, ocean, and atmosphere work and interact.
  • Each student will develop quantitative literacy in techniques specific to the major and option.
  • Each student will learn applied practical skills in the discipline at a basic and advanced level through intensive experiential learning.

Experiential Learning

OSU Catalog

Meet the faculty

Many of our world-renowned faculty teach undergraduate courses and love to host undergraduate researchers in their laboratories. Meet our Ocean Science Faculty.

Byron Crump, Program Head

Learn about careers

An oceanography degree can lead you to any number of fascinating careers, including:

  • Local, state, and federal environmental agencies
  • Fisheries technicians
  • Outreach or technical positions at marine museums or aquariums
  • Graduate studies in many areas of natural or physical science

Additional information on career opportunities in ocean science:

Meet the CEOAS Career Advisor

Miguel Goñi

Beaver Tracks: A Dam Good Podcast episode 5 - explore the Ocean with Miguel Goñi

Oceanography in real time

Undergraduates learn what it takes to do science at sea