Grow Your Career in CEOAS. Start Early. Get Ready for What’s Next.

Career opportunities develop over time—intentionally, as you explore, make connections and get experience. With your CEOAS training you might find yourself on a boat in the middle of the ocean, in a mine in Montana, taking samples in a lab, forging new policies at the capital or mapping out a new transportation system – the possibilities are as big as the earth, ocean and sky. But how do you get these opportunities? These resources will catalyze your career.

Meet the CEOAS Career Advisor

Britt Hoskins is your CEOAS Career Advisor.

 Get guidance from her at any point in your college career on:

  • Career exploration and preparation
  • Job searching and interviewing
  • Crafting strategic resumes/cover letters/CVs
  • Navigating job offers and salary negotiations
  • Grad school applications & government applications
  • Whatever career questions or support you need!

How do I connect with Britt?
1) Make an appointment on Handshake, 2) read her “Jobs & Careers Digest” e-newsletter the first week of the month or 3) contact the central Career Development Center front desk at (541) 737-4085 for scheduling help or directions for drop-in appointments with a career assistant.

Check out Britt's video message

Online Career Tools Accessible Any Time

These four tools, and many other resources including resume samples, etc. are available on the OSU Career Development Center homepage.

  1. Get Hired & Attend Career Events with Handshake

    Explore employers and jobs, apply, make career advisor appointments and register for career fairs and events — all in ONE SPOT. Oregon State students are automatically given Handshake profiles; all you have to do is fill out your experience and interests and it will recommend jobs for you. Plus, if you make your profile public, employers can contact you directly.

  2. Explore Career Possibilities with Focus 2

    Take a free career self-assessment. Explore careers, job outlook and your working personality. Also explore career paths based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data through O*Net.
    Focus 2

  3. Get Your Resume Reviewed Online with Vmock

    That’s right, an artificial intelligence tool will give you individualized feedback on your resume online, any time. Vmock will benchmark your resume or CV against thousands of other OSU resumes and give you an individualized score. Then work on improving that score from wherever you start. You can upload up to 10 resumes a year.

  4. Do a Practice Video Interview with StandOut

    Need to practice interview questions? Unsure how you are coming across to potential employers or grad schools? Get some practice with an interactive video platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whereas Britt Hoskins, the CEOAS career advisor, can help you with internship searching and application guidance, anything related to academic credit for internships should be directed to the CEOAS experiential learning coordinator, Erin Lieuallen, or your CEOAS academic advisor. More information about CEOAS internships and processes.

Swing into the Career Development Center (Kerr Administration Building, 1st Floor, Corvallis campus) 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, during the school year for a drop-in appointment with a career assistant. These peer assistants are trained to help you with resumes and cover letters and don’t require an appointment. Or make an appointment with the CEOAS-specific career advisor, Britt Hoskins on Handshake. In person appointments are in Wilkinson 104 and online students can make phone appointments. Space is limited, so it might take a little while to get in depending on the time of year. Please do not email  your resumes to Britt. An appointment is required for a resume review.

Yes, there is a whole section on the Career Development Center’s website dedicated to resume and cover letter help. There are videos, samples, checklists, and more to get you going. Also, don’t forget to use Vmock for online resume reviewing or to swing into the Career Development Center’s drop-in resume appointments Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Kerr Administration Building (during the school year only).

Handshake: With thousands of internships and on- and off-campus jobs, this is a great place to start. It is OSU’s university-wide job board and used by 700,000 employers across the nation. Visit this listing of job boards, tips on networking and more. See more resources on CEOAS-specific internships (coming soon).

You can make a career appointment with the CEOAS-specific career advisor, Britt Hoskins on Handshake under the “Career Center” tab. She has appointments throughout the year, including over the summer term. Ecampus students can make phone appointments as well.

Find a listing on Handshake of all upcoming career fairs, employer networking opportunities, workshops, panels, webinars and more. Look under the “Events” tab.

Yes. All of these resources, including appointments with the CEOAS career advisor Britt Hoskins, are available to all OSU students affiliated with CEOAS. Britt also serves the Colleges of Forestry and Agricultural Sciences. Remote students can do career appointments via phone

USA Jobs is where all federal government jobs are listed (Department of Fish and Wildlife, NASA, Department of Energy, etc.) It includes unique experiences for current students and recent graduates. Note that state, county and local government positions are typically listed on their own websites (e.g. State of California jobs). These positions tend to be highly competitive and nuanced in the application process. Reference these Top 10 Tips for Applying to Federal Jobs as well as the USAJobs YouTube page for informational videos. Making an appointment with Britt Hoskins, the CEOAS career advisor, is also advisable when going for a government position.

  1. Pick ONE REASON why you are making the appointment and COME PREPARED with your questions written down. You’re in the driver seat. Britt can help ask questions and provide resources, but she will not tell you what you should do with your life or pick a career for you. This is your journey.
  2. Check out available online resources at in advance (Focus 2 for career exploration, Vmock for resume reviews, Handshake for job searching and Standout for practice interviewing). Using these tools will help you do some legwork that you can build on in your appointment.
  3. For resume appointments, bring the corresponding job/internship/program description with you. Also consider stopping by resume drop-ins at the Career Development Center (Kerr Administration Building 1st floor, M-F 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) in advance of meeting with Britt.