About CEOAS Advising

CEOAS advises undergrads considering or majoring in Climate Science, Environmental Sciences, Geography & Geospatial Science, Geology, or Oceanography. See Expectations of Advising and advising-related Resources for Undergraduates.

You may meet with your advisor at any time during the year. Many students must make an appointment each term with their advisor to get a new registration PIN (e.g. Honors College, first-year students, some receiving disability access services, receiving veteran benefits, and athletes). Everyone must have an advising appointment to get a registration PIN for Fall term, for which you need to have a draft course plan laid out for the coming academic year.

If you have already been working with an advisor outside of your alpha assignment, or would like to switch advisors, you are welcome to do so

Ecampus students who need an appointment outside of Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Time: Please email your advisor to inquire about possible alternatives

New Students

What length of appointment should I make?

30 MIN 60 MIN
Registration and planning/PIN Major change
Quick questions Long term planning
Internship and research questions Professional development
Study abroad Multiple topics covered
Resource referral/questions Have not met in a year or more
GIS Cert advising Academic difficulty, petitions

Drop-in Advising Information

Reasons for drop-in advising:

  • Registration problems (does not replace scheduled appointment to get your registration PIN)
  • Time-sensitive issue
  • Pressing/stressful matters
  • S/U form signatures
  • Quick questions

Drop-ins are available with an advisor via Zoom: 

  • Monday-Friday, 4-5 p.m. Pacific Timezone
  • Weeks 1-10 during Fall, Winter, and Spring terms
  • Zoom link: https://beav.es/oQX

Academic Advisors

Dawn Marie Gaid
Last names A-F, except EnvSci Ecampus
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Cody Schrock
Last names G-L, except EnvSci Ecampus
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Andrea Nelson
Last names M-S, except EnvSci Ecampus
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Erin Lieuallen
Last names T-Z, except EnvSci Ecampus
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Mary Chuinard, Head Advisor
Post-Bacc students only pursuing
GIScience certificate at OSU

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Erin Heim, Associate Head Advisor
Post-Bacc students only pursuing
GIScience certificate at OSU

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Contact Us

CEOAS Undergraduate Student Services Office
104 Wilkinson Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-5503
General email inquiries may be sent to ceoas.undergrad@oregonstate.edu.
Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m.

Release of Student Information

Advisors are restricted by Federal law (FERPA) from releasing any information about a student's class schedule, grades, transcripts, advising checklist, or other specific information to anyone without written permission from that student. See the registrar's FERPA: Privacy of Records page for more information, including a Consent to Release Information form.