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Is geography all about knowing state capitals and which is the largest lake in the world? (It’s the Caspian Sea, by the way.) No – it’s so much more! Geography is the study of Earth's environments, landscapes, people, and places. It includes natural science (physical geography), social science (human geography), and geospatial science (GIScience). Geographers collect, analyze, and display spatial information, and apply the concepts and theory of geography to explore social and environmental questions. Come explore all that an undergraduate geography degree at Oregon State has to offer, either on campus or via Ecampus.

Meet the faculty

Geography faculty at Oregon State study people, places, issues and environments. Meet the geography and geospatial science faculty.

Distinguished Professor and Program Head: Julia Jones

Learn about careers

As an Oregon State geography graduate, your career opportunities will be bright because you will be well-versed in issues concerning natural resources, the physical environment, land use planning and the latest computer mapping and analysis techniques. Recent Oregon State geography graduates are employed by federal, state and county agencies, consulting firms, private industry and non-profits.

Why geography? Learn more about What Can You Do with a Geography Degree (PDF on Box and explore career resources from the American Association of Geographers.

Meet the CEOAS Career Advisor

Fiona Wylde

Champion paddle boarder and wind surfer and Geography & Geospatial Science major

Following our footsteps

Digital data can help track people during the pandemic, but David Wrathall’s experience shows that field work is critical for data interpretation.