The Geology and Geophysics group (G&G) in CEOAS works actively with researchers in other disciplines in the college, as well as with many national and international colleagues.

Teaching and Research Faculty

Sherm Bloomer, Ed Brook, Christo Buizert, Michael Campana, Peter Clark, JC Creveling, Shan de Silva, Emily Eidam, Chris Goldfinger, Matthew Goslin, Merrick HallerRandy Keller, Adam Kent, Anthony Koppers, Stephen Lancaster, Jennifer McKay, Andrew Meigs, Alan Mix, John Nabelek, Tuba Özkan-Haller, Erin Pettit, Peter Ruggiero, Adam Schultz, Pieter-Ewald Share, Alyssa Shiel, Frank Sousa, Ben Stanley, Joe Stoner, Pam Sullivan, Frank Tepley, Mo Walczak, Greg Wilson, David Wrathall, Kaplan Yalcin, Rebecca Yalcin

Upcoming Winter 2023 Geology & Geophysics Seminars

Thursdays from 4 to 5 p.m. in Burt Hall, Room 193

January 12 – Cristina Wilson, Unearthing field science heuristics for enhanced human-robot teaming

January 19 – Tim JohnsonReal-time 4D Electrical Resistivity Tomography Monitoring of Subsurface Processes

January 26 – Ruarri Day-Stirrat, Lithium in Oregon: One Critical Mineral

February 2 – Mackenzie Mark-Moser, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Submarine Landslide Detection and  Susceptibility Mapping

February 9 – Atsu Muto (speaker and topic still to be confirmed)

February 16 – Brad Lipovsky, topic TBA

February 23 – Stephanie Olinger, topic TBA