• Getting Started

    Cayuse is an internal grant and contract system that facilitates communication and tracking across the PI, OSRAA, and department/college approvers. All grants and contract proposals must be submitted through Cayuse. Cayuse reviewers will check your proposal documents against solicitation guidelines and can help catch errors before submission. Input into Cayuse also ensures that your money will be tracked appropriately when received and credit for your efforts given to the correct College. When you start a proposal, you will be assigned a number. Your information can be saved as you go and you can continue to edit as you have the information prior to submission. Consider starting this process early. There are many screens that can be filled in prior to finalizing your grant, making the final submission less stressful.

    Items to have before starting your proposal in Cayuse:

    • URL for request for proposals or download a copy of the request for proposals
    • Ensure that the entire team completed and submitted their annual conflict of interest form
    • Title and Abstract of project
    • Start and end dates
    • Budget
    • Budget Justification
    • Grant Narrative (Draft is acceptable)
    • If there is a subcontractor, you will also need:
      • Statement of Work
      • Budget
      • Budget Justification
      • Letter from subcontractor signed by an authorized official
  • Cayuse Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Cayuse Support- Cayuse SP User Reference
  • Cayuse Support - Cayuse 424 User Reference Manual
  • How to Set up CEOAS Routing in Cayuse SP
  • Cover Page Information
    Applicant Address Oregon State University
    Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration
    B308 Kerr Administration Building
    Corvallis, OR 97331-2140
    Applicant Contact Information Phone: (541)737-4933
    Fax: (541)737-3093
    Institutional Authorizing Official Patricia A. Hawk, Asst. Vice President for Research
    Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration
    Phone: (541)737-4933
    Financial Officer Sandy Cobb
    Senior Fiscal Officer
    Phone: (541)737-9585
    Federal Employer Identification Number or Entity 61-1730890
    CAGE Code 5D489
    NAICS (North American Classification System) 611311
    DHHS PMS Pin Number 7J08
    DUNS Number 53599908
    PHS Animal Welfare Assurance Number A3229-01
    USDA-APHIS Registration Number 92-R-0005
    AAALAC, Int'l Accreditation Number 001434 (achieved March 5, 2012)
    Human Subjects Assurance Number FWA00003920
    NSF Performing Organization Code 32102000
    Carnegie Classification Doctoral/Research University-Extensive (previously called Research I)
    U.S. Congressional District
    Legislative District House
    U.S. Representative
    U.S. Senators
    Peter DeFazio
    Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkely
    County Benton County
    Checks to be Made Payable To Oregon State University
    Mailing Address for Payment PO Box 1086
    Oregon State University
    Corvallis, Oregon 97339-1086
    Official Authorized to Negotiate Contract Officers
    Scientific Misconduct Policy Filed
    Is Organization Delinquent on Any Federal Debt? No
    Facilities and Administration Rate Agreement Date 08.11.2010
    Is Organization Debarred, Suspended? No
    Cognizant Agency for Facilities and Administration Costs (otherwise known as Indirect Costs, Overhead, or F and A) Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  • OSU F&A Cost Rate Agreement
  • OSU Fabricated Equipment Unit Pre-approval Form
  • Statement for PIs Receiving No Salary Support in Proposal
    Budget Justification Statement for PIs Receiving No Salary Support in Proposal
    (To Avoid Cost Share Being Imposed upon the Project for the PI's Time)
    "Oregon State University assures that [faculty member] will make a contribution to this research project but that the expected level of effort is not a significant portion of the individual's overall effort."
  • Purchases of Computer/Laptop or Specialized Software (revised 7/1/15)
  • Software/Electronic Equipment Reimbursement
  • Budgeting for Visa Application Fees
  • Facilities and Equipment boilerplate
  • Facilities and Infrastructure Planning Form (Note: Form no longer needed, please include any additional needs on the Budget tab in Cayuse)
  • Barry Sherr
  • Ev Sherr - Biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, planktonic food webs, arctic marine ecosystems. Can help with drafts. Please give a one-week notice to see if a timely review of the proposal can be scheduled.
  • Bob Yeats - Active tectonics and related topics
  • Larry Mahrt - Turbulence and boundary layers, microclimate, air-sea interaction. Would like a few days notice; frequently on travel.
  • Charlie Miller - Any topic. Rapid turnaround possible with early contact and planning.
  • Pat Wheeler - Phytoplankton, microbes and nutrient cycling. Requests 2-4 weeks advance notice, then promise a 1 day review response after a suitable date is identified.
  • Roland DeSzoeke - Any topic

Last updated January 25, 2021