Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry (OEB) is the study of the ocean's biological, chemical, and geological processes, and their interplay Most broadly, Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry is concerned with the structure and function of ecosystems across space and time, including feedbacks between land, atmosphere and ocean. Research backgrounds of our faculty include paleo-reconstruction, population and community ecology, biogeochemical cycling, atmospheric sciences, optics, acoustics, remote sensing, hydrology, deep-biosphere, and climate science. This diversity provides opportunities to break down traditional disciplinary boundaries and explore new lines of research, and to provide students with basic core knowledge of the traditional disciplines while encouraging them to work more closely at disciplinary interfaces in an earth system science context.

OEB Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Document Version 1 March 5, 2021 (PDF on Box)

Teaching and Research Faculty

Andrew Barnard, Kim Bernard, Ed Brook, Kristen Buck, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Rick Colwell, Byron Crump, Jennifer Fehrenbacher, Miguel Goñi, Burke Hales, Brian Haley, Laurie Juranek, Maria Kavanaugh, Astrid Leitner, Ricardo Letelier, Erin McParland, Alan Mix, Clare Reimers, Andreas Schmittner, Alyssa Shiel, Yvette Spitz, Andrew Thurber, George Waldbusser, James Watson

Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry Seminar

Fridays from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in Burt 193
(additional or updated information will be added as it becomes available)

Spring Term 2024

April 5 – Andreas Schmittner, Carbon and Carbon-13 in the Preindustrial and Glacial Ocean

April 12 – Katie Bigham, Canyons, Cameras and AI

April 19 – Mary Hunsicker, Integrated Ecosystem Assessment of Cal Current

April 26 – No seminar

May 3 – No seminar, MRM 50th anniversary celebration

May 10 – Natasha Reidinger, Using trace metal proxies to reconstruct Quaternary deep-water oxygenation changes in the Eastern South Atlantic

May 17 – Rosie Gradoville, Title TBD

May 24 – Will Oestreich, Animal behavior in dynamic and changing oceanic ecosystems

May 31 – Paula Lopez-Duarte, Rhythms of Life: Unraveling the Secrets of Larval Success

June 7 – Matt Woodstock, Insights into Deep-Pelagic Energetics and Disturbance Ecology with Mechanistic Models

June 14 – Chijun Sun, Title TBD