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Come study geology in the land of Mount St. Helens, the Cascadia Subduction Zone, and the mighty Pacific Ocean!

The study of geology can take you from mountaintops to the bottom of the ocean, from the study of cataclysmic supervolcano eruptions to the slow creep of tectonic plates, from millions of years in the past to forecasting the planet’s future. Whether you’re interested in mineral resources, earthquake hazards or geochemistry, the landscape can be your laboratory. Our geology major focuses on the Earth as an integrated system, and includes an emphasis on experiential learning. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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Geology Advising Worksheets

  • Major (catalog year 2021-22 and beyond)
  • Option (catalog year through 2021-22)

Degree Learning Outcomes

CEOAS expects undergraduate majors completing a B.S. in Geology to be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes.
  • Each student will demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of geology including the origin, composition, and evolution of the Earth and its components, and how the Earth system responds to internal and external forces over geologic time.
  • Each student will analyze, interpret, and model geological data using a variety of critical thinking skills and techniques to test hypotheses.
  • Each student will utilize applied practical skills in geology in the laboratory, field, and in internships or directed research at a basic and advanced level through intensive experiential learning.
  • Each student will develop quantitative literacy in techniques specific to geology.
  • Each student will effectively communicate scientific observations and interpretations through oral, written and graphical presentations to scientists and the general public.

Experiential Learning

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Meet the faculty

Our geologists rock! Meet our faculty.

Meet the Program Head Frank Tepley.

Learn about careers

A vibrant job market in geology reflects society's environmental concerns, needs for hazard mitigation, and world demand for resources including water, gas, oil and metals. Learn more about geology careers:  Why Geology? (The Geological Society of America Career Resources Page)

Recent OSU geology graduates have gone on to be:

  • Civil engineering specialist, Montana Department of Transportation
  • Geologist, FEMA
  • Field technician, GeoEngineers Inc.
  • Ph.D. candidate, UC Davis
  • Lead Data Analyst, Tesla
  • Hydrogeologist, GSI Water Solutions
  • Geologist, USGS

What Can I do with a Geology Degree from OSU?

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