Meet some former MRM-ers!

Given the interdisciplinary nature of Marine Resource Management, “focus areas” need not be restrictive. Rather, students have the opportunity to craft research and programs of study that bridge disciplines and perspectives, overlap in scope and have a component of management in all of them. You can see this in the work of many of our alumni. Learn about what they studied as a student and discover where they are now.

Willem Klajbor (MRM 2020)

Coastal processes, hazards, and climate change

Willem’s undergraduate background at the University of Maryland, College Park touched on environmental policy, economics, and geospatial science. At Oregon State, his thesis research with Maria Kavanaugh combined these topics to examine the management applications of a dynamic seascape classification tool. Upon graduation from the MRM program, Willem moved to Washington, DC, after earning one of the prestigious 2021 NOAA Knauss Marine Policy Fellowships. Connect with Willem on LinkedIn.

M. Kelsey Lane (MRM 2020)

Coastal processes, hazards, and climate change

Kelsey grew up in South Dakota, attended college at Brown University, and then went to sea for seven years working as a marine scientist, science educator and mariner on sail training and research vessels. She came to the MRM program because it was a program that allowed her to combine her interests in oceanography and science education. Kelsey worked with Jennifer Fehrenbacher studying plankton and marine heatwaves in the Northeast Pacific. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Morgan Chow

Coastal processes, hazards, and climate change

Morgan’s research evaluated the level of gender integration in disaster management policies and practices in the Philippines, and what the implications were for the long-term resilience of the nation’s valued coastal aquaculture and fishing communities. Since research has shown that women are disproportionately affected at every phase of disasters worldwide, it is paramount for gender to be a major concern in policy, management, and education and engagement. Morgan is now a senior planner at Delta Stewardship Council. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Eva Lipiec

Coastal processes, hazards, and climate change

Eva engaged coastal stakeholders in Tillamook County, Oregon, to determine future potential coastal hazard impacts by simulating and analyzing the effect of different adaptation policies, thereby helping to inform decision-making from the ground-up and before flooding and erosion impact coastal communities. Eva is now an analyst in natural resources policy at the Congressional Research Service. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Briana Goodwin

Marine industry (transportation, renewable energy)

Bri’s research evaluated a community-engagement process used to site a testing facility for wave energy devices. She is currently the Oregon field manager for Surfrider Foundation. Connect with Bri on LinkedIn.

Sarah Calhoun Caldwell

Fisheries and aquaculture

Sarah’s research focused on enhancing fisheries management and social science through strengthening the voice of women and the critical role they play in Oregon’s commercial fishing family businesses and industry. Sarah is currently the senior project manager of the traceability division at FishWise. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Laura Ferguson-Rivas

Pollution, invasive species, and water quality

Laura’s research focused on the science-stakeholder engagement process of a larger research project called Willamette Water 2100. She is currently the ecosystem recovery coordinator at Puget Sound Partnership. Connect with Laura on LinkedIn.

Jenny East

Marine science education and engagement

Jenny’s research focused on how families learn together, specifically how they use a multi-touch tabletop exhibit in a public science center. Knowing how people learn outside of a classroom setting helps us to improve the ways we communicate science to public audiences that visit museums, aquariums, science centers and other ‘free choice learning’ venues. Jenny is currently the boating outreach coordinator for the Oregon Sea Grant/Oregon State Marine Board. Connect with her on LinkedIn.