Students included in the term GTA pool will be prompted to provide their top three course preferences in advance of the final assignment process.  This is to help coordinate the assignment around student schedules. Instructors are also asked to provide their preferences.  Every effort is made to match instructor TA demand with student TA interest. These factor into the TA assignments. The Collective Bargaining Agreement requires CEOAS to notify students of their GTA assignments prior to 20 days before the start of the relevant academic term. The CEOAS guide to GTA allocations is available here. The table below outlines the rough timeline of the assignment process.

  Fall Winter Spring Summer*
Start reviewing Mid-August Mid-October Mid-February Mid-April
Assignment Notice 30 days prior to 1st day of class 30 days prior to 1st day of class 30 days prior to 1st day of class 30 days prior to 1st day of class
Evaluation Week 10 Week 10 Week 10 Week 10

*Summer GTAs

The college also has a need for a limited number of GTA positions over the summer term. Each Spring, Program Directors send out a request for students that are interested in a summer GTA. CEOAS offers a few summer GTA positions and these are coordinated during the start of Spring term. If you have an interest in a summer GTA position, please contact your Program Director

The following information is posted in the GTA notification email:

  • Course Name and Instructor for the term
  • Full Time Effort (FTE) appointment
  • Timesheet information
    • Please refer to your HR appointment letter for information about registration, health insurance, and appointment duration  
    • GTAs do not need to record regular work hours. For more information from Human Resources about basic time entry
    • Information for Graduate Assistants Benefits Summary
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) Act Training
    • New GTAs must have FERPA training, please contact Lori Hartline for information as access to this is related to your term hire status. 
  • Canvas Access
    • Lori Hartline will be entering your name as the TA for the course and will do so before the start of the term. If you have an immediate need to access material, ask the instructor to add you as an “observer” within Canvas; instructions attached
  • Textbooks
    • Textbooks are in the Pattullo library in the CEOAS Admin Building. Robert Allan is available to help you with this. If the text(s) you need are not in circulation, check with your instructor; they may need to request a desk copy from the publisher. Purchasing texts via billing index is not permitted unless approved.  Please return the book at the end of the term.
  • Additional Teaching Resources
    • Please be familiar with these student resources available through the university. Student Resources 
    • More information about the Graduate Certification in College and University Teaching. The 18-credit Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching (GCCUT) is designed to provide advanced course work and experiential learning opportunities to students who plan to pursue careers in teaching in higher education settings, or who plan to pursue careers in other fields that may require similar facilitation skills. 
    • Center for Teaching and Learning on campus offers many resources specific to duties many GTAs are responsible for and helps to ensure a high quality of campus teaching.