GTA’s are appointed on a nine-month academic year divided into three academic quarters. Currently summer GTA appointments are not included and are managed by the Program Directors. CEOAS appoints GTA’s at a minimum of 0.4 FTE up to 0.49 FTE. In some cases, an individual GTA appointment 0f 0.40 – 0.49 FTE may consist of several different GTA assignments. The hours corresponding to different FTE assignments are given in the table below.

GTA’s appointed at 0.40 FTE will not exceed 208 hour per quarter.  Work is to be distributed as evenly as possible over the thirteen-week employment period. No more than 85% of the student’s maximum work hours for a 13 week period may be worked during the eleven week academic term. Academic term is defined as ten instructional weeks and one week of finals. The CEOAS guide to GTA allocations is available here.

Employment Fraction (FTE) Total Work per 13 week Average per week Total available during 11 week term Total available outside 11 week term
0.09 50 4 42 7
0.2 104 8 88 16
0.4 208 16 177 31
0.49 255 19.6 217 38