Core Faculty

Current CEOAS faculty members who either teach a required climate science course, has done research with climate students, or serves on  the Climate Science Advisory Committee.

  • Andrea Allan, Instructor
    Large-scale atmospheric circulation and dynamics, present and future climatology, and global and regional climate modeling and statistical analysis
  • Ed Brook, Distinguished Professor
    Ice core trace gas records, cosmogenic isotopes, extraterrestrial dust
  • Simon de Szoeke, Professor
    Atmosphere-ocean interaction, stratiform clouds, tropical meteorology
  • Jennifer Fehrenbacher, Assistant Professor
    Trace element and stable isotope geochemistry, biomineralization, and marine biology
  • Hannah Gosnell, Professor
    Human dimensions of global environmental change, rural geography, agricultural landscapes, ranching, regenerative agriculture, U.S. West
  • Jenny Hutchings, Associate Professor
    Sea ice dynamics and mechanics
  • Erin Pettit, Associate Professor
    Glacier and ice sheet dynamics, ice/ocean interactions, ice rheology and deformation, ice-core climate history
  • Andreas Schmittner, Professor
    Climate change, ocean biogeochemical cycles, interactions in the climate system, paleoclimate, ocean circulation
  • Karen Shell, Associate Professor
    Climate dynamics, general circulation of the atmosphere, interactions between radiative transfer and the dynamics of the atmosphere and ocean, climate modeling
  • Nick Siler, Assistant Professor
    Mountain precipitation and hydrology, global hydrologic cycle, regional climate change and variability
  • Bill Smyth, Professor
    Turbulence in geophysical flows, thermohaline processes, nonlinear waves
  • Maureen (Mo) Walczak, Assistant Professor (Senior Research)
    Pacific paleoceanography
  • Justin Wettstein, Associate Professor
    Large-scale and long-term climate and atmospheric dynamics, climate variability and change, climate impacts and responses in natural and human-managed systems
  • David Wrathall, Assistant Professor
    Risk and resilience studies; climate change adaptation; human migration; and political ecology.

Other Climate Science Affiliated Faculty

  • Peter Clark, Distinguished Professor
    Glaciers and ice sheets, sea level change, paleoclimatology and abrupt climate change
  • Alan Mix, Distinguished Professor
    Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology, isotope geochemistry, micropaleontology
  • Phil Mote, Professor, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
    Regional climate modeling, the influence of climate change on western US snowpack.
  • Larry O'Neill, Associate Professor
    Air-sea interactions, satellite meteorology and oceanography, atmospheric boundary layer and ocean mixed layer dynamics