The Thomas Condon Lecture honors the legacy of its namesake, a minister, a university teacher and Oregon’s first State Geologist.  Thomas Condon used the free public lecture to disseminate scientific knowledge to the general public throughout his career.  To honor that legacy, the Oregon Board of Higher Education established the Thomas Condon Lecture in 1944.  The generous support of CEOAS and the Research Office allows OSU to bring world-class scientists to campus each year.
(Photo credit: Joseph Buchtel & The Oregon Historical Society)

2022 Thomas Condon Lecture
Kathy Cashman
What's under a volcano, and how do we know?

Past Condon Lectures

History of the Condon Lectures at Oregon State

George Moore Seminar

The George Moore Seminar is named to honor the career and contributions of Dr. George W. Moore.  Dr. Moore spent his career working for the U.S. Geological Survey where he focused on regional tectonic and structural problems.  After retirement, he moved to Corvallis, where he volunteered for the Department of Geosciences in a wide variety of capacities.  At the time of his death, George was working on a book about the geology of wine in Oregon.

  • 2022 - Kathy Cashman - Onset and impacts of the c.7700 ybp eruption of Mount Mazama, OR
  • 2020 - Julia Clarke - Voices from the past: How we approach estimation of acoustic characteristics of extinct animals
  • 2018 - Kenneth Ridgway - Cenozoic flat-slab subduction processes and the tectonic development of southern Alaska
  • 2014 - Tullis C. Onstott - The hidden universe