Rohm Professor of Oceanographic Education and Program Head for Ocean Science

Office: 541-737-3891

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2651 SW Orchard Avenue

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Corvallis, OR 97331

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Brief Research Interests: 

Land - ocean connectivity, sediment and carbon fluxes from small, mountainous rivers, stratigraphic fidelity, estuarine and continental margin sedimentation, carbon burial



Program Head for the undergraduate Earth Sciences: Ocean Science degree. Students interested in this option should contact me or one of the CEOAS undergraduate advisors.

Current Research

Land - ocean connectivity from event to millennial time scales. Sediment and carbon fluxes from small, mountainous rivers. Stratigraphic fidelity. Estuarine and continental margin sedimentation in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. Carbon burial in Oregon estuaries.


B.A., Geology, The College of Wooster
M.S., Geology, University of Georgia
Ph.D., Oceanography, University of Washington

Postdoctoral Scholar, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Bold = currently taught

OC 201 - Oceanography. This course is a 4-credit baccalaureate core course for physical sciences with lab.  It is intended for students interested in learning about how the ocean works and serves as the starting point for the Ocean Science degree program.  It is offered Fall and Winter terms and as an e-campus version in Spring.  I teach it winter term.

OC 295 - Introduction to Field Oceanography.  This course is a new one that is held mainly during Spring Break (the course itself is officially in winter term). This year we will be going on a 5-day cruise aboard the RV Oceanus to undertake a multidisicplinary study of a to-be-determined aspect of the Oregon margin.   This course is now taught by Prof. Miguel Goni.

OC 333 - Oceans, Coasts and People. This course examines in lecture and discussion how humans interact with the ocean and vice versa. Topics include sea level rise, ocean acidification, iron fertilization, hypoxia, melting Arctic sea ice and more.  These are important topics that provide context for anyone living in the 21st century.  It is offered in Fall and Spring terms.  I teach it in the Fall.

OC 440 - Introduction to Biological Oceanography. This course is now taught during Spring term by Drs. Byron Crump (even years) or Yvette Spitz (odd years)]

OC 460 - Geological Oceanography. This course is one of the core requirements for the Ocean Science major.  It focuses on (mainly) sedimentary processes in ocean basins from terrestrial sources to various ocean sinks (from estuaries to the deep ocean). In addition we examine how the marine sedimentary record is built and what it can tell us about Earth's history from event to geological timescales. It is offered each Spring term and I teach it in even years.   

OEAS 500 - Cascadia Field Course. This course is a week-long tour of the Pacific NW that examines facets of the geology, climate, ecology and oceanography of Cascadia, as well as regional resource conflicts.  We start in the Columbia River gorge and end up on the coast, with stops at Mount St. Helens and the Oregon Coast Range between. I developed it and taught it for 7 years, but have handed it off to Drs. George Waldbusser and Rick Colwell.

OEAS 520 - The Solid Earth. (current co-instructor is Dr. Joe Stoner) This course is an introduction to earth science for graduate students entering the MRM and OEAS programs at OSU. Although it mostly covers marine geology, we do talk about whole planet and terrestrial processes as well.  Our focus is on the sedimentary record and what it tells us about Earth history.  It is part of the CEOAS 'Three Earth' sequence and is taught in the Winter.

OC 648 - Marine Benthic Ecology. This course has been discontinued. Much of the material is now covered in OC 657, Sediment Biogeochemistry, taught by Distinguished Professor Clare Reimers in Winter term of odd years.

Graduate Students

Erin Peck [BS in Environmental Science (2014), Franklin & Marshall College; MS in OEAS (2017) from Oregon State] is working on a PhD involving marsh sedimentation in the Pacific Northwest over decadal to millenial timescales.


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