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Glacier and ice sheet dynamics, ice/ocean interactions, ice rheology and deformation, ice-core climate history



Glacier and ice sheet dynamics including ice-shelf stability; ice/ocean interactions; ice rheology and deformation; ice-core climate history; water percolation in firn; fracture and deformation of cold ice; englacial and subglacial water movement; connections between Earth-ice processes and planetary ice; and applied geophysical methods in ice (seismics, acoustics, borehole logging, radar, etc).

Using field-research experiences as a mechanism to build confidence in and inspire underprivileged young women to explore science as a career; teaching climate science in the field.


ScB, Brown University (Mechanical Engineering), 1994
PhD, University of Washington (Glaciology/Geophysics), 2003

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Director of Inspiring Girls Expeditions

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