MRM Focus Area Abbreviations
MI = Marine industry
PIWQ = Pollution, invasive species, and water quality
F&A = Fisheries and aquaculture
CPHCC = Coastal processes, hazards, and climate change
ME&E = Marine science education and engagement

Name (website) Interest MRM Focus Areas
Laura Anderson Fisheries and seafood business and policy F&A, MI
Michael Banks Genetic characterization of natural populations, fishery subjects, & aquacultural species F&A
Kim Bernard Polar zooplankton ecology CPHCCF&A
Rene Boiteau Chemical oceanography PIWQCPHCCF&A
Caren Elizabeth Braby Marine fisheries policy formation and implementation F&ACPHCCPIWQ
Susanne Brander Microplastic pollution, toxicology, endocrinology, ecology F&APIWQ
Laura Brophy Wetlands, restoration CPHCCPIWQ
Holly Campbell Natural resource policy and management CPHCCPIWQ
Francis Chan Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, climate impacts on marine ecosystems F&ACPHCC
Sam Chan Invasive species PIWQME&E
Lorenzo Ciannelli Fisheries oceanography F&ACPHCC
Lori Cramer Natural resources and community resilience, policy and management CPHCCF&AMI
Tracy Crews Informal and formal marine education and engagement ME&E
Lisa DeBruyckere Natural resource and invasive species policy management, and collaborative governance PIWQ
Angee Doerr Fisheries and aquaculture F&A
Cristen Don Marine policy and management; marine reserves F&A
Jamie Doyle Coastal community development and education; seafood and working waterfronts F&AME&E,PIWQ
Brett Dumbauld Marine ecology & aquaculture F&APIWQ
Steve Dundas Coastal, marine economics CPHCCPIWQF&A
Kelsey Emard Political ecology and marine protection F&A, CPHCCPIWQ
Jennifer Fehrenbacher Tracer oceanography CPHCCF&A
Melanie Fewings Physical oceanography and climate change CPHCCF&APIWQ
Jennifer Fisher Fisheries management and climate change F&ACPHCC
Kirsten Grorud-Colvert Marine ecology; marine reserves F&A
Stacey Harper Microplastic pollution, toxicology F&APIWQ
Michael Harte Fisheries economics and policy; marine geography F&A
Chris Harvey Fisheries management, climate change F&ACPHCC
Sarah Henkel Benthic ecology; marine renewable energy CPHCCMIF&A
Mary Hunsicker Fisheries management, climate change F&ACPHCC
Maria Kavanaugh Remote sensing, climate change, harmful algal blooms CPHCCPIWQF&A
Jim Lerczak Coastal physical oceanography PIWQCPHCC
Mark Lomeli Fisheries conservation engineering F&A, MI
Karen McLeod Natural resource policy and management, marine conservation science, ecology ME&E
Jessica Miller Fisheries, invasive species F&APIWQ
Stacey Miller Fisheries policy and management F&A
Kerry Carlin Morgan Science education, wildlife conservation ME&E
Ryan Mueller Benthic microbiology F&ACPHCCPIWQ
Mark Needham Human dimensions of natural resources CPHCCF&A
Meg Reed Coastal zone / hazard management CPHCC
Craig Risien Ocean observing systems CPHCCF&A
Lauren Rogers  (NOAA) Fisheries biology/ecology NOAA F&ACPHCC
Shawn Rowe Free choice learning ME&E
Peter Ruggiero Coastal geomorphology, hazards CPHCC
Steve Rumrill Marine ecology, estuaries, aquaculture F&APIWQ
Suzanne M. Russell Human dimension of fisheries F&A
Jameal Samhouri Fisheries management, climate change F&ACPHCC
Andreas Schmittner Climate change, ocean biogeochemical cycles, public engagement CPHCC
Kipp Shearman Physical ocean processes F&ACPHCC
Ana Spalding Marine governance and policy F&ACPHCCMI
Andrew Thurber Deep water ecology, microbiology PIWQCPHCCF&A
Jenna Tilt Community resilience and coastal hazards CPHCC
Fiona Tomas Nash Marine benthic systems F&ACPHCCPIWQ
Desiree Tullos River engineering and restoration CPHCCPIWQ
Waldo Wakefield Marine fisheries & habitat F&A
George Waldbusser Benthic ecology & sediment biogeochemistry F&APIWQCPHCC
Meagan Wengrove Coastal engineering CPHCC

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