The following have recently served as major professors for MRM students or have expressed interest in doing so. MRM advising faculty are drawn from within the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS), other colleges and departments across OSU, and from various institutions beyond OSU (e.g., NOAA, EPA).

Students entering MRM must be successfully matched with a faculty advisor prior to entering the program. After perusing the list here, reach out to faculty whose research interests are aligned with yours, letting them know that you are interested in working with them as part of the MRM Program. Importantly, you are not limited to the faculty listed here. If there is another faculty member at OSU whose work interests you, please contact Karen McLeod, MRM Director.

Name Research Interests Relevant MRM Theme
Michael Banks Genetic characterization of natural populations, fishery subjects, & aquacultural species Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Cheryl Barnes Marine fisheries, climate change, population and community dynamics Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Kim Bernard Polar zooplankton ecology Healthy ecosystems and people
Hilary Boudet Environmental and energy policy, public participation in decision-making Emerging solutions and technologies
Susanne Brander Toxicology, ecology, microplastics & other pollutants, climate change, ecological & human health Healthy ecosystems and people
Kerry Carlin-Morgan Informal science education, public outreach Public engagement and education
Francis Chan Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, climate impacts on marine ecosystems Healthy ecosystems and people
Sam Chan Aquatic invasive species, seaweed aquaculture, watershed health Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Lorenzo Ciannelli Fisheries oceanography, management implications Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Lori Cramer Natural resource sociology, community resilience Resilient communities and coasts
Tracy Crews Informal and formal marine education and engagement Public engagement and education
Angee Doerr Commercial fisheries, community outreach Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Jamie Doyle Coastal community development, working waterfronts Public engagement and education
Brett Dumbauld Shellfish aquaculture, estuarine ecology Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Steve Dundas Environmental economics, coastal ecosystem services, climate change adaptation Resilient communities and coasts
Kelsey Emard Political ecology, marine protected areas, environmental justice Climate-ready conservation, planning, and restoration
Jennifer Fehrenbacher Trace element and stable isotope geochemistry, paleo-proxies Healthy ecosystems and people
Melanie Fewings Observational coastal physical oceanography and meteorology Healthy ecosystems and people
Kirsten Grorud-Colvert Marine protected areas, fish recruitment, biodiversity conservation Climate-ready conservation, planning, and restoration
Michael Harte Fisheries economics and policy; marine geography Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Sarah Henkel Benthic ecology; marine renewable energy Emerging solutions and technologies
Mary Hunsicker Fisheries management, climate change Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Megan Jones Conservation social science, natural resource communication science, climate action and adaptation Healthy ecosystems and people
Maria Kavanaugh Remote sensing, climate change, harmful algal blooms Healthy ecosystems and people
Jim Lerczak Coastal physical oceanography Healthy ecosystems and people
Mark Lomeli Fisheries, conservation engineering to reduce bycatch and habitat impacts Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Jessica Miller Marine ecology, fisheries, otolith chemistry Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Ryan Mueller Microbial interactions in carbon cycling, estuarine restoration, food security Climate-ready conservation, planning, and restoration
Shawn Rowe Free-choice learning (outside of formal education settings) Public engagement and education
Peter Ruggiero Coastal geomorphology, coastal hazards, climate change impacts and adaptation Resilient communities and coasts
Steve Rumrill Shellfish aquaculture, invasive species, estuarine ecology Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Ana Spalding Ocean and coastal policy, equity in ocean governance, ocean acidification, marine protected areas Resilient communities and coasts
Andrew Thurber Microbial community dynamics, deep sea and polar communities Healthy ecosystems and people
Jenna Tilt Community resilience to coastal hazards, equitable climate adaptation Resilient communities and coasts
Fiona Tomas Nash Seagrass ecology and restoration, community ecology Climate-ready conservation, planning, and restoration
Desiree Tullos River engineering and restoration Climate-ready conservation, planning, and restoration
Waldo Wakefield Fisheries, conservation engineering to reduce bycatch and habitat impacts Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
George Waldbusser Ocean acidification effects on bivalves, benthic ecology, sediment biogeochemistry Healthy ecosystems and people
James Watson Complex adaptive solutions, climate change adaptation, fisheries, marine spatial planning Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Meagan Wengrove Coastal engineering, dune management Resilient communities and coasts

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