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CEOAS has five majors – (1) Climate Science, (2) Environmental Sciences, (3) Geography and Geospatial Science, (4) Geology, (5) Oceanography. The below “4-year sample plans” provide a good example of the types of classes our students take.

Recent graduates from CEOAS have gone on to work for the federal government, city municipalities, private, public, and non-profit companies. Our academic majors also prepare students to enter a wide variety of graduate programs. Some recent companies/organizations that students have been employed with are:

  1. NASA
  2. Tesla
  3. USDA
  4. USGS
  5. Portland General Electric
  6. Grand Canyon National Park
  7. U.S. Forest Service
  8. National Weather Service
  9. Quantum Spatial

OSU offers multiple ways to reduce the cost of your education. Non-Oregon resident students (US citizens) can save more than $35,000 on their four-year tuition cost by taking advantage of the Degree Partnership Program (DPP), summer and online class opportunities. Our Oregon-resident students also love the cost-saving and convenience factors of the DPP. Please contact us to receive personalized advice on these cost-saving options.

  • CEOAS Scholarships
  • OSU Scholarships - OSU awards approximately $45 million in scholarships each year and uses a very convenient single-application scholarship system called Scholardollars.
  • Degree Partnership Program - All students can take advantage of the DPP to significantly lower the cost of attending college. The DPP allows students to be dual-enrolled at OSU and any Oregon community college combining credits at both institutions towards full-time student status.
  • Summer Classes - All summer, on-campus classes are in-state tuition for all students.
  • Online Classes - OSU offers hundreds of online classes which are a flat-rate fee for anyone, anywhere in the world.

This can be a tricky question to answer. Sometimes a class taken at a different institution will be given “equivalency” to an OSU class. For example, MAT 136-Finite Mathematics from Alabama State University has been evaluated as equivalent to OSU’s MTH 111-College Algebra. The links below can help look up exact equivalencies.

Many of your transfer classes may be given general “elective” credit status. For these classes, Academic Advisors will need to review the course content for applicability to specific academic major requirements. This can be a lengthy process, and advisors will usually need a few weeks to evaluate.

Absolutely! The majority of CEOAS students get involved in at least one of the below outside-the-classroom opportunities. One of the great things about being a CEOAS student is all of the hands-on experience you will receive throughout your education. We encourage all of our students to try and do at least the following three things during their time at OSU – (1) get at least one internship, (2) get involved in research, (3) and try to study abroad. Not only will these opportunities help ensure you have a well-rounded education experience, but they are also fun and look great on a resume!

We do accept “post-bacc” students. For admittance, we usually look for a strong statement of purpose on the application and completion of at least college algebra. Additional admittance consideration is given to other math and science coursework that helps demonstrate potential future success in our programs.

The OSU Undergraduate Admission Deadlines website lists most application deadlines. However, if you are applying to one of the CEOAS online programs, then it is advised to apply at least one month prior to the beginning of your desired start term. Please note that CEOAS must receive your post-admission, Ecampus orientation advising questionnaire at least two weeks prior to the beginning of your intended start term, or you may be asked to defer your start date to the following term. Additional information can be found on the ‘How to Connect with Your Academic Advisor’ website.

Undergrads Learn Science at Sea

Every year, an intrepid group of Oregon State undergraduates takes a deep dive into oceanography by embarking on the open ocean to conduct real oceanographic research.

Academic Mentoring Program

A unique program pairs graduate student mentors and undergraduate mentees to forge connections and community.

GIScience Online Certificate

Oregon State University offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science online.