The College of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS) sponsors several student clubs and organizations to help students develop leadership and teamwork skills, and make new friends and connections within your professional fields of interest.  The following clubs and student organizations sponsored by CEOAS, but are not the only OSU you might find interesting, so be sure you check out the links to other OSU student organizations as well as professional organizations throughout the country and world.  As sponsored student organizations, CEOAS is able to provide some administrative resources; for help please contact to, CEOAS Admin Building room 207; 541-737-1238.

The OSU Geosciences Club is open to any and all OSU students, faculty and staff, with special emphasis on those majoring in the oceanography and environmental sciences, geography and geology. The club seeks to provide opportunities for members to socialize, reach out to the broader OSU and surrounding communities and educate themselves and others through local, national and international travel, guest speakers, student presentations, social events and campus activities.

President: Bethany Coleman,

Oregon State Geoscience Club

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Hydrophiles is a Sponsored Student Organization at Oregon State University. Our objective is to provide a forum for academic, professional, and social interaction among students, faculty, and other members of the Oregon State University community who share a common interest in all areas of water resources and hydrology, including science, policy, and engineering.  Our purpose is to bring people from all areas of water resources together for social and professional exchange. Our activities include field trips, presentations by students, faculty, and off-campus professionals, and social events. Hydrophiles finds common ground for water resources students and faculty in all of the science, engineering, and management departments on campus.

President: Josiah Shaver,

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We are a student run club sponsored by the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University. Our goal is to connect people with nature and foster a sense of community for those that wish to join.

President: Jessie Patterson,
Co-President: Kira Kilstrom,

OSU Environmental Sciences Club

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The Geography Club is focused on building community, exploring how geography applies to the world around us, and providing opportunities to members to interact with faculty outside of the classroom. We focus on three things:

  • Service: We want to work with our communities through community service and projects.
  • Professionalism: We aim to connect club members with what Geography and GIS is and what it can do outside of the classroom.
  • Fun: What would a club be without a little fun? Activities such as hiking, movie/game nights, and travelling are incorporated into the club's meetings and outside of meetings!

President: James Clunes,

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India trip story map
Story Map of Geoscience Club trip to India (created by Shireen Hyrapiet)