Note on visits and tours: We will do our very best to work together to find just the right activity for your group, and appreciate your flexibility with either content and/or scheduling.  Visits and tours can be virtual too!   

Visits from CEOAS scientists

Would you like one of our scientists to visit your community group, school, or event to give a talk, join a discussion, or facilitate an interactive demonstration?  Whether it’s exploding a trashcan volcano with middle schoolers, joining in a discussion about climate change in a community, or designing experiments to understand the salt in the ocean with young kids, we can work with you to find a scientist to come to you!

Lab tours

Are you interested in seeing science in action? Join CEOAS researchers in their labs and learn about the scientific questions that motivate them, as well as the technology they use to seek answers. All labs are located on OSU Campus in Corvallis unless otherwise noted.

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Lab Name Description of Tour Ages Max. Group Size Special Considerations
Ice Core Lab Learn how scientists process and analyze ancient ice to learn about past climate and what this tells us about current climate change problems Middle school and up 20 More than 15 requires significant advanced notice to arrange staffing
P-Mag Lab See scientists processing and analyzing sediments for paleomagnetic and environmental magnetic studies. Learn more about Earth’s magnetic field and/or how you can use magnetic properties as an environmental tracer. High school and up 10 Lab is constantly running samples
Ocean Observatories Initiative Tour four labs, a high bay, operations center, and parking lot full of interesting equipment used for ocean research. Learn how scientists and technicians refurbish, integrate, test, and operate moorings, profilers and gliders. All ages 2 groups of 10

Located in south Corvallis

30-60 minute tours

Electron Microprope (EMP) Laboratory What is EMP and how is it used to analyze geological materials?  Participate in imaging volcanic materials and learn how the image of a crystal relates to the life of a volcano. Middle school and up 10 30 minute tour, absolutely no food in the laboratory
Marine and Geology Repository Tour a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility and do hands-on activities with mud and microscopes to learn about the Earth’s history. See first-hand how sediment cores and rocks are used to uncover secrets about climate change and events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Middle school and up 20 Located off-campus
Argon Geochronology Lab This tour entails an exploration of the types of geologic material that we analyze using mass spectrometry and the processes that go into determining their age. Visitors will be able to look at geologic samples through binocular microscopes and observe the mass spectrometers being used to measure argon isotopes. Middle school and up 15  
O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory Tours of the wave lab highlight the importance of coastal engineering, the research process, and the day-to-day operations of the large-scale laboratory. All ages   Not a CEOAS facility - contact directly to request a tour
Hatfield Marine Science Center HMSC supports classes, meetings, conferences, and group tours associated with ocean science. All ages   Not a CEOAS facility - contact directly to request a tour