Research vessels are critical platforms for oceanographers, engineers, marine biologists, students and others to access the marine environment. Part lab, part classroom, part transportation and part hotel, ships like R/V Taani, and R/V Oceanus before it, make marine research possible. They are also essential for training the next generation of ocean-going scientists.

Here are some of the kinds of research and educational programs that will take place aboard R/V Taani and the other RCRVs.


Oceanography in real-time: Undergraduates learn what it takes to do science at sea



Students at Sea [YouTube]



Coring the deep blue sea: Frank Tepley digs deep to understand underwater volcano


Towing the line



Medium matters: Making the case for middle-sized phytoplankton



Community college and high school students to spend four days on OSU research vessel


Getting their sea legs



Scientists at Sea [YouTube]



Shelf awareness: A milestone dataset



Mobile microscopes: Technologies to help identify plankton in the field



Iron man: Rene Boiteau wants to know how marine microorganisms get enough metal in their diets


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