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Brief Research Interests: 

Sea ice dynamics and mechanics



Sea ice dynamics

Research Interests

Dr. Hutchings research interests revolve around sea ice dynamics and mechanics. She is active in field work to support validation and development of rheological models of sea ice deformation for climate investigations and ice drift and dispersion forecasting. Jenny participates in the development and use of sea ice rheology models in climate and regional studies.  Her interests include ocean-atmosphere interactions as modified by an evolving ice cover, and developing our understanding of how changing mechanical properties of the ice pack relate to positive and negative feedbacks in the arctic climate system. It is through these investigations we can understand the recent changes in sea ice volume. Supporting monitoring of this change Jenny leads Ice Watch, a program to standardise collection and archiving of visual observations of sea ice.

Current Research

Modeling pack ice with the discrete element method: The Siku model.

Monitoring sea ice deformation with drifting buoys.

Synthesis of remote sensed and in-situ observations, and models to understand recent sea ice change in the Pacific Arctic.

Development and validation of rheological models of sea ice, improving representation of ice thickness redistribution, drift and dispersion in models. Forecasting of pressured ice and development of models for improved sea ice forecasts, including pack stress state, on local to global scales.

Past Field Campaigns and Data

Data from Arctic Observing Network drifting buoy deployments to measure horizontal sea ice deformation.

Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem Experiment (SIPEX-II). Interdisciplinary field campaign with coordinated physical and biological measurements.

The Sea Ice Experiment: Dynamic Nature of the Arctic (SEDNA). A variety of data from drifting buoys, aerial and underwater surveys are available from the data portal. Please reference Hutchings et al. [2008], and cite the data location and author when using this data.

Ice Station Polarstern (ISPOL), Weddell Sea Nov 2004-Jan 2005. In collaboration with Christian Haas, Petra Heil and Jonko Lau, an array of 24 drifting buoys was deployed to investigate ice-tide interactions. Data is available here. Please reference Hutchings et al. [2012] if you use this data.

In March-April 2003 an array of GPS stations was placed around an active lead close to the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (APLIS). Data is available here, please cite Hutchings and Hibler [2008] if you use this data.


  • Ph.D., Remote Sensing, University College London
  • B.S., Physics, University College London


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