Elemental Analysis

An Elemental Analyzer Facility is managed by Professor Miguel Goni to routinely analyze particulate samples (including particles contained on glass fiber filters) for organic and inorganic carbon, nitrogen and, with some modifications, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur content.

This facility encompasses a NC2500 ThermoQuest Elemental Analyzer fitted with a Costech Zero Blank Autosampler and a ECS 4010 CHNSO Analyzer fitted with at Costech Zero Blank Autosampler. Laboratory equipment and supplies are also available for acid fuming samples when organic carbon determination is required.

Training by the facility technicians is required for users that want to prepare and analyze their samples on a routine basis (plan on approximately 2 hours of technician time for training).

The cost breakdown for carbon and nitrogen work in this elemental analyzer facility is found in the OSU fee book. Per sample costs for hydrogen and sulfur analysis are higher than those for just C and N because of additional expendable supply requirements and would need to be negotiated with Dr. Goni.

HPLC Facilities

An HPLC Facility managed by Professor Ricardo Letelier is available in Weniger 518 to routinely analyze samples for a variety of commonly found pigments of phytoplankton origin using a Waters 996 absorbance photodiode array detector in combination with a Waters 2475 fluorescence detector.

Typically, pigment samples are contained on GFF filters which are then solvent extracted, transferred to septum vials and placed into a refrigerated sampling compartment within the HPLC for automated analysis.

Training by the facility technician is required for all first time users with training time dependent upon the user’s prior HPLC experience.

The cost breakdown for pigment-based work in this common use HPLC facility is found in the OSU fee book.

The possibility of analyzing other types of samples exists, but this circumstance is non-routine and thus logistics for use of this facility would need to be discussed and the cost negotiated.