Peer Review

A podcast about graduate student life at Oregon State University

What is graduate student life all about? Late nights in the lab? Trekking into the field to collect data? The stress of writing a thesis? Learn more about what it’s like to be a graduate student in the Earth sciences from the students themselves in “Peer Review,” a podcast produced by students in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University.

Episode 1: Origins

Download Episode 1 (35 MB)

How do any of us end up where we are? What past lives may we have lived? And how does that past inform where we are today? For some of us, the path from the end of one phase of life to the next is linear and concise. We graduate high school, we apply to colleges, and we choose one and attend the following fall. For some of us, the opposite is true. We end a phase and are aimless, or have oodles of direction but few opportunities. Whether a person’s path is linear or circuitous, they all begin at the beginning. Join hosts Madison Butler and Anna Glueder as they explore some fascinating “origin stories” of a few CEOAS graduate students.


  • Johna Winters, M.S. student, Marine Resource Management
  • Steven Johnson, Ph.D. student, Geography

Episode 2: Pivots

Download Episode 2 (29 MB)

Regardless of educational stage, changing direction can be courageous, scary, stressful, exhilarating, freeing or all of the above. This episode explores major pivots undertaken by two CEOAS graduate students. What where they doing before the change? What precipitated the shift? How did it work out? Was the pivot attributable to a “push” or a “pull?” What advice might they offer to others considering a major change in direction? Hosts Madison Butler, Anna Glueder and Kei-Lin Chang explore one-eighties.


  • Fritz Freudenberger, former CEOAS student, now science writer, UAF
  • Jenna Epifanio, Ph.D. student, Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences