The GIScience undergraduate certificate consists of 27 credit hours, primarily at the upper division level. S/U or P/NP grades are not acceptable. Students are required to complete five "core" courses that will provide a basic knowledge of the component fields.

The core courses are supplemented by elective upper division courses totaling 8 or more credits. These courses will be selected from a list of at least seventeen classes taught in six departments. These courses will be selected by the student in consultation with his or her advisor, with the goal of obtaining a deeper general understanding of the component fields, or to allow advanced study in a particular field.

How to Declare for the Undergraduate Certificate

You must already be an undergraduate student in residence here in Corvallis at OSU and working toward a B.S. or B.A. degree. If interested in the certificate, contact Certificate Program Director, Ms. Kuuipo Walsh, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, who will consult with and accept you into the program. Upon completion of the coursework, she will also ensure that the appropriate code (C540) for the undergraduate geographic information science certificate is added to your student record, and that a paper certificate is issued before you graduate. So there is actually no formal application form to fill out.

Curriculum Worksheet

Frequently Asked Questions

UCGIS GIS&T Body of Knowledge Topics in Geosciences Courses

Required Core Courses (19-20 credits)

Go to the Academic Calendar, Schedule of Classes to search for a class to confirm availability.

  • FE 208, Forest Surveying (4) [F - Campus] [Sp - Ecampus]
  • GEOG 201, Foundations of Geospatial Science and GIS (4) [F, W - Campus] [F, Sp, Su - Ecampus]
  • GEOG 370, Cartography (4) [W - Campus] [Sp, Su - Ecampus]
  • GEOG 380, Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications (4) [F - Campus] [W, Su - Ecampus] or FE 444, Forest Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry (4) [F - Campus]
  • GEOG 360, GIScience I: Geographic Information Systems and Theory (4) [F, Sp - Campus] [F, W, - Ecampus] [W - Casc Campus] or FE 257 GIS and Forest Engineering Applications (3) [W - Campus] [F - Ecampus] or CE 202 Geospatial Information and GIS (3) [W, Sp - Campus]
  • NOTE: Students in Civil & Construction Engineering's Geomatics Program are very welcome to pursue the GIScience certificate, and related CEM coursework such as CEM 263 will be accepted.

Up to 12 credits may be fulfilled by taking equivalent classes at community colleges, but students will not receive upper-division credit at OSU.

Please discuss with the undergraduate certificate adviser.

Elective Courses (7-8 credits chosen from below)

  • CE 413, GIS in Water Resources (3) [W - Campus - alternate, odd years]
  • CROP/HORT 414, Precision Agriculture (4) [Sp - Ecampus]
  • ECE 468, Digital Image Processing (3) [F]
  • FE 310, Forest Route Surveying(4) [Sp - Campus]
  • FE 423, Unmanned Aircraft System Remote Sensing (3) [F - Campus]
  • FW 303, Survey of Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resources (3) [Su, F, W, Sp Ecampus only]
  • GEOG 401, Research (1-4) [any term, as arranged, and of a GIScience nature]
  • GEOG 403, Thesis (1-4) [any term, as arranged, and of a GIScience nature]
  • GEOG 361, Quantitative Geospatial Analysis and Modeling (4) [W - Campus] [W - Ecampus]
  • GEOG 371, Web Mapping (4) [Occasional]
  • GEOG 451, Planning Principles and Practices for Resilient Communities (4) [F - Campus, W - Ecampus]
  • GEOG 460, GIS and spatial data science (4) [Sp - Campus] [F - Ecampus]
  • GEOG 462, GIScience III: Programming for Geospatial Analysis (4) [Sp - Campus] [Sp – Ecampus]
  • GEOG 464, Geospatial Perspectives on Intelligence, Security, and Ethics (3) [Sp - Campus, F - Ecampus]
  • GEOG 481, Satellite Image Analysis (4) [W - Campus] [Sp - Ecampus]
  • SOIL 468, Soil Landscape Analysis (4) [W - Ecampus]
  • GEOG 410, Internship (3-4) [any term, as arranged, and of a GIScience nature]
    See Undergraduate Internships guidelines from CEOAS.
    See also the OPB segment on "Internships 101"