Research Associate

Burt 106
LinkedIn: Brandy Cervantes

Current Research

I am interested in learning about coastal ocean circulation primarily through the analysis of Eulerian flow fields and Lagrangian descriptions of fluid particle transport obtained from numerical models of wind-driven coastal regions.


Ph.D. Physical Oceanography, Oregon State University, College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences, 2004
B.S. Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences, University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Cum Laude, 1997


Kuebel Cervantes, B.T., J.S. Allen, and R.M. Samelson, 2004: Lagrangian Characteristics of Continental Shelf Flows Forced by Periodic Wind Stress, Nonlin. Proc. Geophys., 11 (1), 3-16.

Kuebel Cervantes, B.T., J.S. Allen, and R.M. Samelson, 2003: A Modeling Study of Eulerian and Lagrangian Aspects of Shelf Circulation off Duck, North Carolina, J. Phys. Oc.,33 (10), 2070-2092.