OC495 / OC496

Description: OC495 (2 credits; Winter Term) and OC496 (4 credits; Spring Term) represent a senior experiential learning course in Advanced Field Oceanography. OC495 is a land-based course to train students to design a ship-based research project and contribute to the preparation and planning for a related oceanographic cruise. OC496 is a ship- and land-based course designed for students who have taken OC495 to participate in the planned oceanographic cruise to collect and analyze data and samples, conduct an oral presentation of the findings and prepare a written report.

The courses will include a mixture of lectures and readings, participation in research cruise during Spring Break, individual directed research and investigations, as well as oral and written presentations.

OC495 Syllabus

OC496 Syllabus

Instructor: Miguel Goñi


  • OC495: Completion of at least two of the 400-level OC courses: OC430, OC440, OC450, OC460 with grades of C- and above.
  • OC496: Completion of OC495 with grade of C- and above.


Questions: Space aboard research vessel is limited so contact Professor Miguel Goñi (Miguel.Goni@oregonstate.edu) with questions.