WCVP decided to start a rolling schedule of repainting all of our vans in the fall of 2020. We chose two Rad Vans, R-3 & R-4, to start with since Rad Vans are some of the most popular. This year, we will repaint another Rad Van, R5, and one of our General Purpose Vans, GP1.

Our Liquid Scintillation Counter upgrade is still in process, we have won grant support from NSF for two upgrades and look forward to installing those in the coming months. We will retain one Perkin Elmer LSC for at least another year. Many thanks to those who provided input on RadVan and LSC use!

We continue to improve the way we operate the WCVP, and are trying to customize equipment in the vans for each trip to make the job of the science party as easy as possible. Though we can’t promise customization every time – depending on needs, equipment availability and time – we will do our best and appreciate your patience. See our ever-growing accessories list.

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2021 Van Paint and Repair Photos


See the album of photos on Box.

2020 Van Paint and Repair Photos