Oregon State University intends to procure of up-to-three RCRVs via a formal Procurement awarding a Firm Fixed Price Contract (not a sub-award) to a shipyard in the United States in accordance with Cooperative Agreement with the National Science Foundation. Oregon State University will release a Request for Information (RFI) that will inform the subsequent release of a Request for Proposals. The Request for Proposals includes both a Request for Qualifications and Technical Proposals and a Request for Cost Proposals (RCP), which will culminate in a Best Value selection of a proposer that will lead to the Firm Fixed Price Contract.

The Firm Fixed Price Contract employs the use of Contract Line Items Numbers (CLINs) that represent the principal contract deliverables.

Project Status

The Anticipated Timeline below is provided to give vendors an idea of the general sequence and timing of the RCRV procurement process.

Key for Anticipated Timeline References:
Early = Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr
Mid = May/Jun/Jul/Aug
Late = Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec

Anticipated Timeline for the RCRV Acquisition Strategy Milestones:

  1. OSU Issued Request for Information 5/2/2016
    1. Vendor Responses Received 6/3/2016
  2. OSU Issued Request for Qualifications & Technical Proposals 8/15/2016
    1. Vendor Responses Received 10/6/2016
  3. OSU Issued Request for Cost Proposals 12/5/2016
    1. Vendor Responses Received Early-2017
  4. Shipyard Selected Early-2017
  5. Shipyard Contract Effective Mid-2017

Note: Not all Acquisition Strategy Milestones are included in the Anticipated Timeline above and the Anticipated Timeline is subject to change.

For more information contact

Deanne Lahaie-Noll, Procurement Contract Officer, 541-737-1150

RCRV Procurement

Request for Proposals: Construction of the Regional Class Research Vessel(s) (RCRVs)

Stage 1: DLN184162P-1 (closed) Process Complete
Stage 2: DLN184162P-2 (open to Stage 1 Competitive Range of Proposers only).
This solicitation is for shipyards only. It is a request for proposals (RFP) to construct up to three Regional Class Research Vessels. Stage 1 is the request for qualifications and technical proposals and Stage 2 will be the request for cost proposals. Only Stage 1 Competitive Range of Proposers will be invited to participate in Stage 2.
Note: Interested subcontractors and vendors who are not shipyards may contact shipyards for possible participation in this RCRV construction project.
RFP Stage 1 Competitive Range of Proposers:


  1. Bollinger Shipyards, Lockport L.L.C.
    Lockport, LA
  2. Dakota Creek Industries, Inc.
    Anacortes, WA
  3. Gulf Island Shipyards
    Houma, LA
  4. VT Halter Marine, Inc.
    Pascagoula, MS


(Competitive Range of Proposers are listed in alphabetical order.)

Request for Information: Construction of the Regional Class Research Vessel(s)

DLN182122I (closed) Process Complete
This request for information (RFI) occurred in advance of the RCRV RFP Stage 1 in order to gauge industry interest and obtain feedback on selected aspects of OSU's procurement package to construct up to three Regional Class Research Vessels. Information about the now closed RFI process.

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