Request an Override for a CEOAS Course:

To request a CEOAS undergraduate course [ATS, ENSC, GEO, GEOG, OC] override, send an email to with all of the required information listed below. You are welcome to attach any supporting documents (screenshot of error message or an email if instructor sent you their approval)

Please allow 1-2 business days for review of your request. You will be notified by OSU email once your request has been processed, so monitor your ONID email. If the request is granted you must register as soon as possible. We cannot register for you or hold a space for you.

Contact our office with any questions or concerns at 541-737-1201 or send an email to These requests are welcomed directly from the student, advisor or instructor of the course in question.

Required information:

  • Full Name (First and Last)
  • OSU ID Number
  • Course(s) subject and number (ex: GEOG 300)
  • CRN Number
  • Academic Term (ex: summer, fall, winter or spring)
  • Type of override being requested (see drop down override explanation list below)
  • Reason why you need and believe you should be allowed this override (We encourage you to attach supporting documentation such as email from instructor or advisor)

“Class” – When you want to take a course that is restricted for a different class standing then you are currently. (i.e., Course is restricted for only juniors or seniors but you are currently a sophomore or Post Bacc class standing.)

“Level” – Course is reserved for a specific student level. (i.e. an undergraduate or post bacc student wants to register for a graduate level restricted course.)

“Campus” – When you want to enroll in a course with a restriction of a campus that does not match your primary campus. (i.e., Your primary campus is Corvallis, but you want to take an Ecampus course reserved for Ecampus students only.)

“Prerequisite” – When you want to take a course but do not have the course prerequisite in your official OSU record.

“Time conflict” – When you want to take two classes but the times of both classes overlap. Please attach an email from the instructor(s) showing that they know about the time conflict, are okay with it, and there is an approved plan for success despite the time conflict.

“Second-week add” – Courses added during the second week of the term require instructor approval to issue an override.

“SAPR” – Used for specific courses such as internships, projects, thesis, teaching, field courses, etc.

“Capacity” – Used when you want to add a class that is listed as full. This requires instructor approval but still might not be issued if there is no physical room capacity or an active waitlist.