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Brief Research Interests: 

Geophysics, physical oceanography, electromagnetics, ocean tides, imaging of continental structure,



Geophysics, physical oceanography

Research Interests

Electromagnetic geophysics, ocean tides, numerical modeling, statistical methods, geophysical inversion and data assimilation

Current Research

Development of practical and reliable 3D inverse methods for magnetotellurics and other EM induction data

Imaging and interpretation of continental structure with long period MT data (e.g., EarthScope)

Improving external source models for global induction studies of mantle conductivity

Ocean tides: large scale energetics, dissipation, and mixing; improved models of coastal ocean tides


BA, Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley 1977

MS, Statistics, University of Washington 1981

PhD, Geophysics, University of Washington 1987


Professor, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences,

Oregon State University 2001-Present

Associate Professor, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences,

Oregon State University 1998-2001

Associate Professor (Sr. Res.), College of Oceanography,

Oregon State University 1994-1998

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Visiting Lecturer, Engineering Geoscience,

Dept. of Materials Science and Mineral Engineering,

Univ. California, Berkeley 1991

Assistant Professor (Sr. Res.), College of Oceanography,

Oregon State University 1988-1994


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