Associate Professor (Senior Research)

Office: 541-737-8273

Burt Hall

Burt Hall 438

2651 SW Orchard Avenue

2651 SW Orchard Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Brief Research Interests: 

Ocean modeling and data assimilation, satellite altimetry, and geophysical fluid dynamics


Current Research Projects

  • National Science Foundation Physical Oceanography Program: Collaborative Research: Mapping the kinematics and dynamics of tidal ocean currents with surface drifters
    Co-I's: Shane Elipot, University of Miami, & Rick Lumpkin, NOAA
  • NASA Sea Level Change Team: Understanding Current and Projected Sea Level Change with Multi-Satellite Observations, Modeling and Climate System Assimilation
    PI: Sophie Nowicki, NASA/GSFC
    My role in this project involves simultaneous mapping of steric and non-steric sea level changes from satellite altimetry.
  • NASA SWOT Science Team: Development of Barotropic and Baroclinic Tide Models in Support of the SWOT Mission
    PI: Richard D. Ray, NASA/GSFC; Co-I's: Gary D. Egbert and Zaron.
    The Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission is planned for launch in 2020.
  • NASA Ocean Surface Topography Science Team: Ocean Surface and Internal Tides
    PI: Richard D. Ray, NASA/GSFC; Co-I's: Gary D. Egbert and Zaron.
    The objective of this project is an improved understanding of surface and internal tides, and their relationship to non-tidal phenomena.
  • Tangent Linear and Adjoint Code Development for the NAVGEM NWP Model
    PI: Liang Xu, NRL-Monterey