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Brief Research Interests: 

Climate change, ocean biogeochemical cycles, interactions in the climate system, paleoclimate, ocean circulation




This website is only maintained sporadically and may not be up to date. For up-to-date information please visit my github website.


I'm looking for a graduate student interested in working on modeling global ocean circulation and the cycling of Neodymium. If you have a good physical sciences and math background, if you're interested in numerical modeling, climate and paleoceanography this is the project for you. Contact me for questions and/or apply to our graduate program in Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences.


Introduction to Climate Science


Climate Modeling

Research Interests

Climate Change, Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles, Interactions in the Climate System, Paleoclimate, Ocean Circulation

Current Research

Modeling the Ocean Distribution of Neodymium Isotopes: Testing the Bottom-Up Hypothesis

Quantifying the Modern and Glacial Ocean's Carbon Cycle Including Isotopes


Ph.D., Physics, University of Bern, Switzerland, 1999

Diploma, Physics, University Bremen, Germany, 1996


ATS421/521 Introduction to Climate Modeling S19, S15, S13

ATS201 Climate Science S17

ATS320 The Changing Climate F14, F15

ATS320 Man's Impact on Climate W14, S12, S11

OC599/OC669 Introduction to Climate Modeling W11, W09, W07

OC331 Introduction to Oceanography W10, F07

Graduate Students

Nathaniel Fillman, M.S. current

Juan Muglia, Ph.D. 2017

Christopher J. Somes, M.S. 2009


Up-to-date list is here.