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Brief Research Interests: 

High temperature geochemistry, igneous petrology, In-situ elemental and isotopic analysis


Adam Kent is the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Faculty Advancement. Working closely with CEOAS leadership and faculty, Kent oversees graduate academic programs, identifies and coordinates faculty advancement and mentoring opportunities, and assists with long‐range planning, including new faculty hires. He also coordinates activities associated with promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within the college. Kent studies the behavior and evolution of magmatic and volcanic systems. He earned his Ph.D. in geology and geochemistry from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.


High temperature geochemistry, Igneous petrology, In-situ elemental and isotopic analysis

Research Interests

Behavior and evolution of magmatic and volcanic systems. Studies of silicate melt inclusions. Development and application of in-situ trace element and isotopic measurement techniques in the Earth Sciences.


B.Sc. (Hons) Geology , University of New England, Australia, 1989
Ph.D. Geology and Geochemistry, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, 1995


GEO 203 - Evolution of Planet Earth
GEO 412/512 - Igneous Petrology
GEO 430/530 - Geochemistry
GEO 535 - Geochemical Analysis Techniques
GEO 499 - Undergraduate Research Seminar
GEO 599 - Topics in Petrology and Geochemistry
GEO 622 - Advanced Petrology

Graduate Students


Jeremiah Oxford, MS, 2006 
Early Oligocene Intrusions in the Central Coast Range ofOregon : Petrography, Geochemistry, Geochronology and Implications forthe Tertiary Magmatic Evolution of the Cascadia Forearc

Cristina Darr, MS, 2006 
Magma Chamber Processes Over the Past 475,000 Years at MountHood , Oregon: Insights From Crystal Zoning and Crystal SizeDistribution Studies

Michael Rowe (joint with Roger Nielsen) PhD, 2006 
Microanalytical And Experimental Techniques For Interpreting Magma Genesis In The Cascadia Subduction Zone

Ashley Hatfield (joint with Roger Nielsen) MS, 2008 
The age and origin of Snow Peak, Oregon

Allison Weinsteiger Ph.D. 2010
MORB and ocean crust formation processes, Melt inclusion formation

Alison Koleszar Ph.D. 2011
Volatile contents, eruptive controls and petrology of Mount Hood andesites

Morgan Salisbury Ph.D. 2011
Ignimbrite correlation in the Altiplano-Puna volcanic complex; Tunupa Volcano, Bolivia; Sumatran tephras

Matt Loewen M.S. 2011
Measurement of volatile metals using LA-ICP-MS, Mobility of volatile metals in volcanic systems

Daniel Eungard (M.S.) 2012
Early high Cascade silicic volcanism : analysis of the McKenzie Canyon and Lower Bridge tuff 

Matthew Loewen (Ph.D.) 2013
Volatile Mobility of Trace Metals in Volcanic Systems.

Christine Chan (M.S.) 2012
Constructing a sheeted magmatic complex within the lower arc crust: insights from the Tenpeak pluton, North Cascades, Washington

Allan Lerner (M.S.) 2015
Insights into the Geochemical Evolution of the Youngest Toba Tuff (Sumatra, Indonesia) Magma Chamber Through the Lens of Zircon-hosted Melt Inclusions 

Jenny DiGiulio (M.S.) 2015
Reconstructing the Physical Record of a Four-Million-Year Volcanic System : Geochemistry, Thermobarometry, and Geologic Map of the Mount Jefferson Area, Oregon 

Richard Bradshaw (Ph.D.) 2017
Crystal Records of the Origin, Evolution, and Thermal Histories of Magmas

Brad Pitcher (Ph.D.) 2017
The Deschutes Formation: evidence of extension-enhanced explosivity in the early High Cascades 


Suhail Alhejji
Origin of magmas from Harrat Ithnayn, Saudi Arabia

Nicole Rocco
Heterogeneity of magmam supply over a single caldera cycle, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Jordan Lubbers
Magma storage conditions is supervolcano systems

Selected Recent Publications

KENT, A.J.R. & COOPER, K.M. (2017) How well do zircons record the thermal histories of magmatic systems? (in press, Geology).

*CHAN, C.F., SHEA, E.K., KENT, A.J.R., MILLER, R.B., MILLER, J. & BOWRING, S. A. (2017) Formation of a sheeted magma complex within the deep-crustal Tenpeak pluton, North Cascades, Washington. Geosphere,  13, 1-30,

KENT, A.J.R. & KOLESZAR, A.M. (2017) Summary of Recent Petrological and Geochemical Studies of Mount Hood, Oregon. p 77-98 in Scott, W.E., and Gardner, C.A., 2017, Field-trip guide to Mount Hood, Oregon, highlighting eruptive history and hazards: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2017–5022–G, 115 p.,

*BRADSHAW, R. & KENT, A.J.R. (2017) The analytical limits of modeling short diffusion timescales Chemical Geology,

RUBIN, A.E., COOPER, K.M., TILL, C.B., KENT, A.J.R., COSTA, F, GRAVLEY, D., DEERING, C., AND COLE, J. (2017) Rapid cooling and cold storage in a silicic magma reservoir recorded within individual crystals Science, 356, 1154-1156

*PITCHER, B., KENT, A.J.R., GRUNDER, A.L., & DUNCAN, R.A. (2017) Frequency and Volumes of Ignimbrite Eruptions Following the Late Neogene Initiation of the Central Oregon High Cascades. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 339, 1-22.

DUNCAN, R.A., KENT, A.J.R., THORNBER, C.R., SCHLIEDER, T.D., & AL-AMRI, A.M. (2016) Timing and composition of continental volcanism at Harrat Hutaymah, western Saudi Arabia,Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 313, 1-14, doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2016.01.010.

KONRAD, K., GRAHAM, D.W., THORNBER, C.R., DUNCAN, R.A., KENT, A.J.R., & AL-AMRI, A. (2016) Asthenosphere-Lithosphere Interactions in Western Saudi Arabia: Inferences from 3He/4He in Xenoliths and Lava Flows from Harrat Hutaymah, Lithos, 248–251, 339–352, doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2016.01.031.

*SALISBURY, M.J., KENT, A.J.R., JIMÉNEZ, N.C. & JICHA, B.J. (2015) Geochemistry and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of lavas from Tunupa Volcano, Bolivia: Implications for orogenic volcanism in the Central Andean Plateau. Lithosphere 7, 95-107.

KENT A.J.R. (2015) Tackling supervolcanoes: Big and Fast? (Invited commentary), Geology 43, 1039–1040, doi:10.1130/focus112015.1.

*HATFIELD, A.K., NIELSEN, R.L., KENT, A.J.R., ROWE, M.C. & DUNCAN, R.A. (2015) Snow Peak, Oregon: latest Miocene low-K tholeiite volcanism in the Cascadia forearc, Lithos 239, 86-96, doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2015.10.009.

Dilles, J.H., Kent A.J.R., Wooden, J.L., Tosdal, R.M., Koleszar, A.M., Lee, R.G. & Farmer, L.P. (2014) Zircon compositional evidence for sulfur-degassing from ore-forming arc magmas. Economic Geology 110, 241-251, doi:10.2113/econgeo.110.1.241.

Cooper, K.M. & Kent, A.J.R. (2014) Rapid remobilisation of magmatic crystals kept in cold storage. Nature doi:10.1038/nature12991.

KENT, A.J.R. (2013)Preferential eruption of andesitic magmas: Implications for volcanic magma fluxes at convergent margins. Geological Society of London, Special Publication 385, doi 10.1144/SP385.10.

*Loewen, M.L., Duncan, R.A., Kent, A.J.R. & Krawl, K. Prolonged Plume Volcanism in the Caribbean Large Igneous Province: New Insights from Curaçao and Haiti. (2013) Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, doi: 10.1002/ggge.20273.

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