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Because the Earth and its oceans and atmosphere are all intimately connected, understanding of one relies on understanding all three. Our Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences graduate program takes this interdisciplinary approach, first introducing you to the elements of the Earth system and the processes of mass and energy flow among those elements  through a set of core/breadth courses. You then pursue focused graduate course work and research in the following concentration areas.

Typically, the program has over 50 students in the program with the majority of students pursuing a Ph.D.

Our oceanography program — ranked #3 in the world — takes an interdisciplinary approach, immersing you in biological, chemical, geological and physical oceanography and the ways in which these realms link to the Earth and atmosphere. Within the oceanography concentration we offer further specialization in sub-disciplines of oceanography. 

See Physical Oceanography.

See Ocean Ecology & Biogechemistry.

See OEAS Geological Oceanography.

The field of atmospheric science is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, math, and computational methods. In addition to these foundational skills, you will explore the many ways our climate influences humans, including our health and livelihoods, as well as how humans are impacting the climate system.  


Whether you want to do research in marine or continental regimes, whether you want to conduct experimental, applied, or theoretical geophysics, you’ll find opportunities for (literally!) ground-breaking graduate research here. CEOAS also offers a geology degree program; see this course plan sheet for differences between the OEAS Geophysics concentration and Geology degree.

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For guidelines on how to apply, see Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Program Application Instructions.

OSU Catalog

Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences program flyer

Atmospheric Sciences concentration flyer

Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry concentration flyer

Physical Oceanography concentration flyer

Graduate Learning Outcomes

University Graduate Learning Outcomes:
  • Conduct research or produce some other form of creative work
  • Demonstrate mastery of subject material
  • Conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner

OEAS Specific Graduate Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate skills in oral communication of research to a broad audience
  • Demonstrate broad disciplinary knowledge

Meet the faculty

Our Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences faculty study every marine environment on Earth, from the nearshore to the deepest trenches. Learn more about our OEAS faculty.

George Waldbusser, Program Head


Learn about careers

At CEOAS, we are dedicated to helping you find a fulfilling job to set you on a successful career path. We have staff ready to help by connecting you to alumni mentors, helping you find internships, and investing in your professional development. As a result, most graduates are employed by six months post-degree.

Our ocean, earth, and atmospheric science students go on to shine in careers ranging from academia to government agencies to teaching and beyond.

Learn more about potential careers in oceanography, atmospheric science, and geophysics.